Pope Frank Organizer and Leader of the New World Order… Really?

Pope Frank

Pope Frank Organizer and Leader of the New World Order… Really?

Pope Frank, the liberal future head of the Global Church of Anything Goes, is working to create his New World Order facade of a church, following a proven path of dilution to the point of irrelevance and extermination. It’s a tactic used in the United States by the current authoritarians in power to destroy our nation and the “curse of the white boys.”

They’ve opened the borders in order to completely dilute our culture, even admitting their sins to a limited degree as their zealous pursuit of multiculturalism and diversity. Both of  those deceptive terms mask the true goal of eliminating white people and white rule. They are stealing the nation from those who built it and handing it over to those who had nothing to do with it and certainly don’t deserve it.


It takes a little time but their plan is well on its way to completion. The successful acquisition of points of vulnerability that had to be taken over, Congress and key congressional leadership positions, as well as the media and White House, have eliminated much of what should be overwhelming opposition. Similar moves have been made in the judiciary, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Once Again Censored By Facebook Under This Original Title: Pope Frank Radicalizes, Subordinates Catholic Church, Obama Globalist Strategy – Your Guess as to why is as good as mine.

It’s no surprise, in view of the global nature of the takeover, that the Marxist Jesuit Pope, Franco of Argentina, would be elevating his like-minded liberal minions throughout the Catholic Church hierarchy as well. He’s got some serious social engineering to accomplish and those are the kind of people he’s seeking out for his own unholy version of commie “yes we can” change for the worse.

Frank spoke through his actions on Sunday when he promoted “three new American cardinals seen as belonging to the centrist, non-cultural warrior wing of the country’s hierarchy.” That’s mixed-company, politically correct speak for leftist radicals, the kind that will be active in reconstruction under Pope Frank away from the Catholic Church as it is known. Earth worship, mass relocation of Islamists into Christian nations and the diminishing of current beliefs, such as those against abortion, either are or will increasingly become, the order of the day.

The Catholic news site LifeSite was particularly concerned with one of the more prominent appointments, Archbishop Blase Cupich, who shares a Chicago connection with the current White House occupant and other infamous radicals. They described him as potentially “the most dangerous”-to-the-faith bishop in the United States” noting that he “has undergone a rapid increase in status and influence in the Church under Pope Francis.”

In all Bergoglio the Horrible named 17 new Cardinals, all liberals, passing over senior, more qualified conservatives in the process. Thirteen of them will be able to vote for the next pope, now much more likely to also be a leftist radical.

At the same time the communist Pope was poisoning the well of future Church leadership and doctrine, he was reaching out to Islamists for help in his plan to create a global religion, or more correctly, a global denunciation and subjugation of Christianity. For some reason he sees the Catholic Church’s future as being under the sandal of the new universal religion, Islam.

Pope Frank announced that he has invited a delegation from the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) to visit him in the Vatican on November 3. The organization’s president, three vice-presidents and secretary general will travel to Rome for a little interfaith chit-chat, according to French media sources. Maybe they’ll find time to squeeze in a Koran reading as well.

The secretary general for the Islamists, Adballah Zekri, is quoted as having said, “I am very happy to meet the Pope because he is a man of dialogue and a man of peace.” Man of dialogue means he’s willing to negotiate things away and peace, to their ear, is synonymous with weakness and submission.

The specific motivations behind the action of Bergoglio may be unknown to outsiders, but the general effect is undeniable. He’s working to subordinate the Catholic Church and by extension Christianity as a whole, to Islam at the same time he elevates the earth worship of global warming to equal standing and presses and enables the dispersal of Islamic hordes throughout the civilized world.

It’s certainly not very Pope-like behavior but aside from some ceremonial protocols and the uniform, there’s not much Pope-ish about the Jesuit Bergoglio in general. There is much for which Catholics and non-Muslims of every stripe should be concerned.

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