Pope Declares Hypocrites Opposed To Globalist Invasion Are Going To Hell

Pope Declares Hypocrites Opposed To Globalist Invasion Are Going To Hell

It’s good that the mortal human being, Pope Frank, was only elected as the head of the Catholic Church, and therefore he’s only empowered to ruin the religion of a segment of the Christian population. Frank’s a big believer in unlimited migration, so he’ll surely understand when Catholics migrate to other Christian faiths in response to his movement of their Church towards the satanic influences of liberalism, globalization and his embrace of Islam.  

On Thursday Bergoglio gave a speech to a group of 1,000 Lutherans at the Vatican in which he basically told them that they have no salvation without accepting his and George Soros’ invasion. In other words, he told them submit or you’re going to Hell. That’s a pretty heavy problem he’s dumping on the Catholics of the world, one that could so easily be avoided if his danged world conquest weren’t always getting in the way.


Frank is a key part of the structure that has created the crisis situation. He’s one of the world government oligarchs who are importing a dependent population into Europe and America and then telling the local populations, “Here, you deal with it.” Having created a mess that is impossible to resolve, Frank is now running the ultimate guilt trip to get compliance. He has shifted church doctrine to where modeling one’s behavior after the socialists, Marxists, fascists and Muslim agitators Bergoglio, Soros, Merkel, Hollande and Obama is somehow now the path to Jesus.

Turning your back on your nation, family, future, sovereignty, quality of life, national identity, culture, and security is the path of enlightenment. That is also the path to an Islamic takeover, so by complying with the hypocrite Bergoglio, one is simultaneously betraying and quickening the subordination of the Catholic Church to Islam. If he’s lucky, the rest of Christianity will follow.

Pope Frankie knows a thing or two about hypocrisy, but doesn’t recognize his own. Naturally he preaches hypocritically about hypocrisy. That’s the Marxist in him.  It was a stretch for him to get there, but he’s the climate hoax, open borders, one world government pope; all of his proclamations stretch the limits of credibility past the breaking point. Bergoglio told his audience that Jesus abhors hypocrisy, and it is hypocritical to call oneself a Christian without welcoming refugees, even those who belong to a different religion.

Frank’s laying down some of that white Pope smoke to hide his actions, but his message is still clear; accept the Muslim invasion, give up your space and your nations to them or you will be damned.

He said hypocrisy is “the sin that Jesus condemns most. It is hypocritical to call oneself a Christian and send away a refugee, or one who needs my help. Jesus taught us who the good Christian is in the parable of the good Samaritan.” Hate to disagree with you, Pope, but the good Samaritan tended to a man who had been beaten and robbed, not someone who was coming to invade his nation. In today’s Europe, the very people that Francis is importing are the ones responsible for the highest percentage of crime. So he’s actually on the exact opposite side of the good Samaritan story from where he claims to be. Maybe that was another one of his breaking point stretches or perhaps it’s not in his Koran.

Pushing the globalist Islamic worldwide caliphate, just as Hussein Obama does, at every gathering, seizing upon every opportunity, Pope Bergoglio said it was a “contradiction in those who want to defend Christianity in the West and on the other hand are against other religions and against refugees.” They’re not against the others you thick-headed liberal word-twisting snake, they have chosen their own faith and it is Christianity, not Islam. You have heard of Christianity, haven’t you Pope? Not everybody practices the same religion for a reason. It’s because of their beliefs. You might be disappointed to learn that they’re not all seeking a global religion as you are.

He also suggested that he was involved in changing the Catholic Church, noting that the medieval theologians taught that the Church is always in need of reform. “This is progress,” the Marxist progressive said. He added, “The greatest reformers of the Church are saints: men and women who follow and practice the word of the Lord and have their soul filled with the gospel.” We can expect some word twisting proclamations based upon some saints in the near future.

Always timing his proclamations to coincide with other events for greater effect, Frank matched this speech with a phony UN generated 2017 World Day of Migrants and Refugees. All of you European “hypocrites” who don’t want to be damned listen up; open up your borders and hand over your countries. The serpent in the white robes commands it.

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