BREAKING NEWS – New Polls Show Hillary has Major Problems

On Sunday, polls showed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were almost tied, but that was following the Republican Convention and all the pundits were sure that after the “Cruse Fiasco”, that would quickly change. After all, Hillary was the “Chosen One” and nothing could stand in her way.

But now just 3 days later, one of the most respected Polls in the country, Real Clear Politics has just released the new numbers. They show that the American people did not think that the message coming out of the Republican convention was nearly as “Dark” as all the major liberal network anchors did. In fact, they recognized it for what it was, a message of hope and a mission statement to bring back Pride, Peace, and Jobs to the American Homeland.


Something that the country sorely needs after 8 years of the mismanagement, lies, hate speech, and devise job killing rhetoric of the Obama Administration. That administration, of which Hillary Clinton was an major player, has created more damage to fabric of our country in that short time than any other administration in history, and it looks like the people have finally awoken to that fact.

Even liberals have figured out that under the Obama Hillary cabal, we lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, our take home pay has decreased in actual value, healthcare is a disaster and now more hardworking Americans are on food stamps than at any point in time. In addition, seniors have seen their savings depleted because of poor economic strategies, while at the same time they see the cost of groceries and medications go up almost daily. But they have been denied raises in their Social Security in 3 of the last 5 years, more than at any time since its creation. All because the Obama Administration decided to redo the way raises were computed in the first year of their administration.

Well, it looks that that time may be over. The latest polls show that Donald Trump has move up another 7 percentage points in the last three days and that Hillary has dropped to a new all-time low, despite the long winded speech by her alleged rapist husband last night at their convention. Here are the latest numbers according to RCP:

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton LA Times/USC Trump 47, Clinton 40 Trump +7
Missouri: Trump vs. Clinton KSDK-TV/SurveyUSA* Trump 47, Clinton 37 Trump +10
Kansas: Trump vs. Clinton Fort Hays St. University* Trump 44, Clinton 27 Trump +17
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 50, Disapprove 46 Approve +4
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 48, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +2 contributed the numbers for this story.

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