Politician Smacked With SEX TOY At Press Conference

Politician Smacked With SEX TOY At Press Conference

Most public figures are used to having accusations and insults hurled at them. At a press conference in New Zealand on Friday, something else entirely was thrown.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was speaking with journalists in Waitangi on New Zealand’s North Island. Ministers in Auckland had just signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Minister hit with sex toy

Minister hit with sex toy

A protester in the crowd was apparently none too thrilled with the decision to do so. She launched a large, pink sex toy at Steven Joyce. The faux phallus bounce off his shoulder and hit him in the nose and mouth.

“That’s for raping our sovereignty” she yelled. Law enforcement officers escorted her away.

The protester was later identified as a nurse from Christchurch named Josie Butler. Butler told reporters at previous protest rally that she was “worried about patient rights and how many people will essentially die if this goes through because the price of medication’s going up.”

Butler was released without charges after being detained for several hours.

Minister Joyce seemed to handle the situation with quite well. Though he was initially taken aback, he actually cracked a small smile when he realized what the object was that had hit him.

Afterward he told reporters “We actually thought it was a little bit humorous at the end of it all. Fair to say, I don’t think those sorts of things happen every day.” He joked further about the incident. “New experiences in politics every day; it’s the privilege of serving.”

The TPP is being touted as one of the largest multinational trade deals in history.

The deal has a long list of drawbacks that far outweigh the supposed benefits, however. Many fear it could empower multinational corporations to challenge key domestic regulations and cause the move of jobs to developing countries.

Apparently, Josie Butler feels it will “screw over” the health care system as well.

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source: Huffington Post