Political Operative Attacks “Great Satan” Thru His Son’s Good Name


Many Americans have been curious as to how the Democrats happened to ask the Arab parents of an American soldier killed three presidential election cycles ago to speak at the Democrat convention. They normally demean and belittle military service, what’s different about his guy?

Did Clinton happen to bump into him at a local VFW on July 4th and they just happened to hit it off?  Since that’s obviously never going to happen, could there be something more nefarious involved? As is always the case, if it touches Clinton hands, it’s dirty, it’s corrupt, there’s money and power involved, and it’s nothing at all like it’s being reported.

Khizr Khan formerly worked for the law firm Hogan Lovells, LLP. They are a major D.C. law firm that has been on retainer as the law firm representing the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States for years. That’s the same Saudi government that still has redaction on 28 pages of documents about 9/11 courtesy of their Clinton Obama connections. It’s also the same Saudi Arabia that has spent between $10 and $25 million purchasing influence through the Clinton Foundation and another $1 to $5 million from the “Friends of Saudi Arabia.

A Washington Free Beacon article points out that, according to FEC records, Hogan Lovells’ lobbyist, Robert Kyle, has bundled more than $50,000 in donations this year for the Clinton campaign. It went on to state, “Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, which fields three Clinton campaign bundlers, also works with the Japanese embassy. Hogan Lovells, who lobbies for the Saudi Embassy, is also registered to represent the government of Japan.” These snakes all share the same den.

The nature of the type of legal work that Khan does publicly is clear, his undercover activities are less so. He’s not some guy representing Pakistani pastry vendors or a lawyer on criminal cases. He’s a document lawyer who plies his skills and connections in order to pervert the system. He is proficient in exploiting loopholes and deficiencies to do some questionable things for some often unsavory people.

There’s also a connection with software that was used to protect Clinton’s illegal bootleg server and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, intimately associated with the Clintons. Lynch worked for Hogan & Hartson, which is now Hogan Lovells. Does anyone smell a setup? The only thing missing is his CAIR membership or Muslim Brotherhood affiliation.

Khan’s day job is one of a visa peddler among other things, with his website specifying their offering of “services” in the areas of visas for “E2 Treaty Investors” and “EB5 Investments & Related Immigration Services.” A Breitbart article pointed out that Sen. Chuck Grassley had some less-than-flattering words to describe Mr. Khan’s area of expertise, saying it was “riddled with flaws and corruption.”

Grassley noted that “There are also classified reports that detail the national security, fraud and abuse. Our committee has received numerous briefings and classified documents to show this side of the story. The enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security wrote an internal memo that raises significant concerns about the program. One section of the memo outlines concerns that it could be used by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States. The memo identifies seven main areas of program vulnerability, including the export of sensitive technology, economic espionage, use by foreign government agents and terrorists, investment fraud, illicit finance and money laundering.” That’s why Khan and Clinton hit it off so well. They’ve got identical interests and hobbies.

Khan is a lawyer who plays on the fringes of legality, keeping people out of trouble as they engage in questionable transactions. He’s a multi-national operator, the kind that Hillary Clinton uses on a regular basis to skirt the system with her Clinton Foundation Slush fund. That’s how she found him. She was willing to take the risk of bringing attention to their connection in order to demean her opponent publicly, secure in the knowledge that the mainstream press would never report it even if she were found out.

Khan is entitled to his opinion and he’s within his rights to speak at a convention. When he chooses to do so it is cowardly to then run for protective cover behind his status as a Gold Star parent. If he’s going to dish it out he should be man enough to expect fire in return without running for the politically correct protection of his deceased son.

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