Police Shooting Results In Intense Violence 12 Police Injured

Police Shooting

Police Shooting Results In Intense Violence 12 Police Injured

Charlotte, North Carolina, Police Shooting ~ On Tuesday September 20, 2016 just before 4 p.m. Police in Charlotte, NC fatally shot a black man. The Police Officers said he was armed and presented an immediate threat. The Charlotte Police Officer that killed Keith Lamont Scott, is Officer Brentley Vinson. Officer Vinson is on administrative leave. This is common practice nationwide.

The Officers were about a mile from the University of North Carolina searching a complex for someone else, who was wanted on an outstanding warrant, when they encountered Mr. Scott, a father of seven. According to family who witnessed the shooting, Mr. Scott was not armed, but the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said he was armed and they recovered the weapon he had in his possession. The family claims that weapon was a book.

Police Shooting charlotte-nc-police-shooting-protests

The police claim that Mr. Scott exited his vehicle with a firearm, then got back inside the car when he spotted the police. When the police moved toward the vehicle, Scott allegedly got out of the vehicle again, and according to the police Officers he posed an imminent deadly threat.

The police officers immediately began CPR on Mr. Scott and called a medic. Mr. Scott was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Mr. Scott was an African-American as was Officer Vinson, but this did not prevent igniting the activist running around the country trying to sell their narrative that the police are intentionally and without cause executing young black men. Within a few short hours the crowd began to grow and by midnight about a dozen police officers had been injured and at least one police vehicle pulverized.


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This will no doubt be a continuing story as there appears to be no indication of the rioting easing up. Reports are that the crowd has just continued to grow as the night became more and more violent. I’m sure by Wednesday night the Black Lives Matter group will be busing rioters I mean protesters into the area and scaling up the problems rather than diffusing them and allowing the justice system at least the opportunity to investigate and resolve the situation in a civilized manner. 



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