Playing The Mean Racist White Folks Card Before Anti-American, Lawless DNC


You don’t have to be perceptive to be a Democrat, in fact, in most cases possessing that characteristic prevents one from choosing to affiliate themselves with that corrupt, anti-American organization. That truth was on display today at the Democrat National Convention when an anchor baby was paraded out on stage, given a speech and told, “Here, read this to the stupid Gringos.”

The sappy delegates, accustomed to being told what to think regardless of the level of absurdity, wept as they bought into the story of Little Maria. Little Maria’s real name, we are told is Karla Ortiz, and she’s terrified that her parents will be deported. She’s so terrified in fact that she went on national news and provided her real name and video evidence to the ever vigilant ICE agents patrolling just outside her front door.

She and her poor illegal squatter “proud parents of an anchor baby,” are already guaranteed under Hussein Obama’s lawless nullification of immigration law that they won’t be deported back to where they belong. She’s got no clue what the speech her daughter’s reading says and even if she did, she’s happy to allow her daughter the opportunity to become a symbol, to be used as a pawn by the Clinton/Obama anti-America Marxists.

The agitator of the future stumbles through the speech because she didn’t write it and it’s obvious. That’s okay for this crowd; hypocrisy is a Democrat staple. They have no problem with her telling a fictitious life story written by someone else. She struggles but reads on, saying, “I’m scared that at any moment my mom and my dad will be forced to leave.” Usually Mexican families use the words Momma and Poppy; Clinton speech writers, not so much. She continues, saying, “And I wonder, what if I come home and find it empty.”

We could hope that would be the case and that Obama is sending her parents back to wherever they belong, giving her the option of going with them if she likes. They’re the ones who created the situation by violating our laws and they should not be rewarded for it any more than they already have been.

She further proves she didn’t write the speech, misreading the section about wanting her parents to see her do “science speriments.” She also wants her parents to “Homp me fine my rare rocks in the dizzert.” Maybe they could keep a keen eye out; looking on both sides of the trail as they sneak back home across the border?  Then there’s that altruistic dream of the little LaRaza agitator to become a lawyer, to help other illegals defeat the laws written to protect the United States. They instill the desired to be a criminal early in the Democrat Party.

The kid says Clinton told her that she would do everything she could to help them. That will include ruling by dictate in the same manner as Hussein Obama. She and Tim Kaine already made that commitment when he was introduced; amnesty within 100 days.

“She told me that I didn’t have to do the worrying because she will do the worrying for me. That’s great, can she do the worrying for all of the families who lost loved ones to illegal alien criminals too. And can she also worry for those in fear of MS13 and other “refugees” and border crashers she represents instead of the affected Americans? How does Clinton worry when she’s not the one in danger or having her future destroyed? Aside from the threat of prison if Trump should become president, she’s has nothing to worry about. Try as she might, she can’t worry by proxy; you either do or you don’t.

“She wants me to have the worries of an eleven-year-old, not the weight of the world on my shoulder,” Little Maria, Karla or whatever her name is said. She didn’t bother specifying which shoulder the weight is being relieved from. When did you start using unfinished American clichés, Maria? Is that something that your agitator mother who can’t speak English taught you?


Of course those are all the words of someone else, probably a thirty-five-year old white man attempting to manipulate the crowd to elicit more support for their economy-killing Marxist policies. Stupid Democrats don’t think about what their destructive policies are doing to their own children’s futures and our present. They just think about the foreign kids and continue to import them and their extended families. The ignorant, short-sighted, criminal sympathizing Democrats are being played for the fools that they are. They are the definition of useful idiots.


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