Player’s Sarcastic Answer Is Perfect Response To Reporter’s Dumb Question

Player’s Sarcastic Answer Is Perfect Response To Reporter’s Dumb Question

In a stunning upset, Baylor’s basketball team was defeated by Yale’s in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Baylor was ranked number 5 while Yale was ranked at 12. The final score was 79 – 75.

What would normally have been a little regarded statistic was that Yale out-rebounded Baylor defensively 36 – 32.

A player’s answer about that to a reporter during the post game interview has everyone talking, though.

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Taurean Prince, Baylor’s 6 foot 7 inch forward, was taking questions from the media.

The same reporter asked back to back questions regarding rebounds.

His initial question was : “You said you got out-rebounded and I checked the stats, you did, 36 – 32. How does Baylor get out-rebounded by Yale? How does that happen?”

Prince gave a direct answer. “They had more rebounds than us.”

Then the man continued. “You said you got out-rebounded, you did, 36 -32. How does Yale out-rebound Baylor?”

Obviously a little annoyed at the repetition, Prince’s answer is epic.

“You go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off and then you grab it with two hands, and you come down with it, and that’s considered a rebound. So they got more of those than we did.”

Lesson delivered.

The funny thing is that rebounding didn’t really play a factor in determining the outcome of the game. Baylor had more offensive rebounds than Yale, so it balanced in the long run.

A writer for Sports Nation explained the situation pretty well. “Far too often do reporters, broadcasters, bloggers — anyone with a credential — ask incredibly mundane and directionless questions. It is our jobs to get answers. Ask questions that will result in good answers.”

Apparently, that is another lesson that the man asking the question needs.

No one is knocking the guy for his curiosity. Rubbing in a stat to a player who was just eliminated from the tournament, though, just doesn’t seem the wisest course.

Given the attention that Taurean Prince’s answer to him is getting, it looks like the Baylor players weren’t the only ones beat at their own game.

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