Playboy Mansion For Sale

Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion For Sale Soon

Want to own the ultimate den of iniquity? For $200 million the Playboy Mansion could be yours.

If TMZ can be believed, the famous residence will be on the market by the end of the month. Besides the history, here’s what the enormous price tag will get you:

Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion

The house– The mansion, itself, is 21,987 square feet. There are 22 rooms including a wine cellar with a secret door from the prohibition era and a screening room. You would be one of the few people ever to see inside The “Elvis Room.” It is rumored to have been the site of a slumber party for the King and 8 bunnies and is currently kept locked and unavailable to the public.

The grounds– The estate sits on nearly 6 acres. On the property sits an aviary building and a cage that houses around 100 squirrel monkeys.  A good number of other exotic animals live on the grounds, as well. Then, there is the famous Grotto; a man made cave complete with blue whirlpool and waterfall. Landscaping includes a small orchard, two established forests, a koi pond with an artificial stream, and a wishing well.

The Game House–  This is a separate, two wing building on the north side. As expected, it contains a pool table, arcade games, pinball machines, a jukebox, and even a player piano. There are also two bedrooms and bathrooms. Don’t forget the main room with the cushioned floors and mirrored walls.

Licenses– The Playboy mansion is one of the extremely small number of private residences to  have a zoo license. It is also the only home in Los Angeles to have a permanent fireworks permit.

Prospective buyers are allowed to tour the home. The Master suite, however, is off-limits.

There is one, tiny catch to the purchase, however. As part of the sale contract, the new owner must agree to let Hugh Hefner live at the mansion until his death.

So, it you don’t mind a built-in house guest, a history as the capitol of promiscuity, and a home that probably contains more DNA samples than a research lab, this is the place for you. Hop to it!

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