Paul Ryan Finally ADMITS What the Rest of Us Have Always Known!

Paul Ryan Finally ADMITS What the Rest of Us Have Always Known!

Rep Paul Ryan, the guy who can’t bring himself to support Donald Trump because Trump isn’t conservative enough for Ryan’s taste, had some interesting comments on Friday when he visited the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Trump isn’t a true conservative in the eyes of weasel Ryan, though he has a strange definition of conservative. As he sees it, Trump is unacceptable because he doesn’t put the interests of big corporate fascists ahead of those of the American people, he doesn’t believe that anyone with a pulse should have the right to invade our nation, and he doesn’t believe the United States should be subservient to a world governing body, effectively giving up our national sovereignty. No, Ryan is right, Trump doesn’t support any of his perverse and distorted, “conservative principles.”


But as it turns out, Ryan may be taking the plunge, coming out of the liberal closet. He may be ready to admit what many of us have known since before he became Speaker, during his times pushing TPP and open borders. The only things conservative about Ryan are the label he puts on himself and the extreme restraint he shows in the amount of enthusiasm he displays for our presidential candidate, Mr. Trump. He’s so conservative in that regard we’d almost think he wants Trump to lose.

And that label of “conservative” may soon be shrugged off as well. When the weasel Ryan spoke to the gathering of UW-Madison’s College Republicans, his scheduled topic was to “lay out … exactly what liberal progressivism is and exactly how Hillary Clinton is going to double down on liberal progressivism.”

It’s no secret to many that Ryan has much more in common with the establishment street walker Hillary Clinton than he does with the man of the American people, the patriot Donald Trump. He went beyond merely discussing what he sees as Clinton’s potential actions, he’s identifying with her in some ways, a puzzling course of action for the odd little man who is Speaker of the House, up for reelection in three weeks.

First Shepard Smith made it official and then Paul Ryan took that first step in coming out as the closet fascist we know him to be. He declared himself to be a “classical liberal more than a conservative.” That’s progress, Ryan; while there’s nothing classical about you, the liberal point is undeniable. That’s the first thing we’ve agreed with you on in years. 

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