Patriotic, Pro-American or Anti-Terrorist Pages Taken Down, Banned


Facebook community standards are a bit of a mystery. You can have your page pulled down for voicing patriotic concern about the future of our nation in the thralls of a full-blown Islamic invasion but someone posting an image of a terrorist slitting the throat of an American peace officer is deemed to be acceptable.  As Mark Dice says in this video, Facebook is endorsing the murder of police.

One might expect an “American” company to be sensitive to patriot concerns, but Facebook is not American, they are globalist owned and operated, with no loyalty whatsoever to this nation parasitic host nation.

One might expect those concerns to be intensified following the horror that unfolded last week in Dallas at a “peaceful” anti-cop hate rally conducted by those friends of the American citizenry at Black Lives Matter. That is not the case; in fact, they’re at best indifferent to the murders and more likely supporting the perpetrators. Their censors, the same ones who take down sites and articles with impunity, sided with the cop killers, ruling that the image did not violate those elusive, often non-existent or indiscernible community standards of theirs.

Dice points out that those standards are supposed to prohibit images which are shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or glorify violence. It might not be a bad idea either, since supposedly they are attempting to crack down on the use of their medium by terrorists, to consider removing it based upon the fact that it is a depiction of a terrorist plying his trade against an innocent police officer, what we can assume to be an American. That’s right, forgot, please excuse the error, he’s not a globalist police officer.

Dice goes on to point out the numerous fan pages dedicated to the black supremacist piece of trash that killed those five and injured seven others. If the shooting had taken place inside his corporate headquarters, particularly when the great and powerful Zuckerberg was in the building, his response might be a little bit different.

They wouldn’t dare attack Facebook, he’s one of them. It’s their propaganda arm, just as it is in Europe and for the Obamas. American patriots are their enemy, corrupt, Marxist politicians and terrorists are Zuckerberg’s brethren, his comrades in arms.

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