NO PAPER BALLOTS: New Soros Memo Leak Outlines Push To “Modernize” American Voting

In one of the multitude of hacked email releases of late, one particularly juicy cache from the Open Society Foundation (OSF) is yielding all sorts of great stuff about the machinations of one George Soros, American immigrant billionaire and destroyer of nations.  One document from September 2014 that is seeing the light of the internet, is actually a private, 67-page item from an OSF board meeting.  In among the suggestions for the US Programs (USP) for the Occupier of the Oval Office to complete an illegal agenda without consulting Congress, are ideas to encourage the American states and people to “modernize” the American system of voting.  Via Breitbart:

“USP will continue to fight against efforts to restrict voting rights, while supporting steps to improve voter participation and modernize voting procedures, such as on-line and same-day registration and expanded early voting. The Brennan Center, Demos and other grantees have engaged in litigation to expand access to registration and improve ease of voting.”

The document listed a number of executive action steps that the Obama administration could take to “ensure greater participation by eligible voters,” including online voting:

• Direct Health and Human Services to ensure that the federally facilitated health-care exchanges created as part of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) incorporate voter registration opportunities as required by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA or “Motor Voter Act”), and direct federal agencies to find ways to increase voter participation nationwide.

• Issue guidance interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act with respect to accessibility of polling places, privacy when voting, and competence requirements.

• Assist states with voter registration modernization efforts, including statewide database improvements, vote by mail, online registration and voting, and same-day registration.

• Direct the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to develop new data collection points that provide greater insight into county-based Election Administration and the ways in which voters interact with electoral systems (i.e., number of votes cast, type of voting machines used, provisional ballot statistics, etc.)

Put this together with the realities that a George Soros company manufacturers the voting machines most states were convinced are the best replacement for the maligned Vote-o-Matic, and that one recent college study demonstrated how easy it is to hack into and corrupt voting software…the hacks into the two state election systems are looking all the more manufactured.

Won’t get into the Department of Homeland Security talking about getting into the presidential election business or the Soros voting machine programming glitches that produce 110% of votes for the Democratic candidate.  Those are stand alone stories.

What this amounts to is getting the large illegal immigrant population to be able to vote without too much scrutiny.  Same day registration, registration through the healthcare system which is being used to monitor the population, fighting against voter ID laws, mail-in ballots….

The case for strict paper ballots cast on the day of the election and hand counted in full view of the public is making itself.

This is all being sold as a way to “idiot proof” ballots, and voting.  (Which should never be the case.)  Also in 2014, Obama’s presidential commission on voting reform (Presidential Commission on Election Administration) made similar recommendations:

Software-only products can be integrated with off-the-shelf commercial hardware components such as computers, laptops, tablets, scanners, printers, and even machine-readable code scanners and signature pad products.

Tablet computers such as iPads are common components of these new technologies. They can be integrated into the check-in, voting, and verification processes in the polling place.

The commission highlighted new technologies in which the voter can “pre-fill” sample ballots at home to be scanned later at the polling place.

The probabilities of fraud and hacking were downplayed in the report – so were the honest benefits of maintaining paper ballots and back-up.

So, there we have it folks.  The push for more and more electronic, online and same day registration voting is not organic at all, but is being orchestrated by the man wanted for high crimes in a number of foreign countries and who has bankrupted any number of nations by devaluing their currencies.  We the People who think some of these suggestions are cool, and hip and modern and wave off fraud and cheating concerns are being played for chumps.  That’s EXACTLY how nefarious actors would seek to steal an election.

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