Orlando Shooter Was 2x FBI Terror Suspect! The Reason He Was Cleared Is Patheic

Orlando Shooter Was 2x FBI Terror Suspect!

The FBI is going to have trouble claiming that the recent night club shooting in Orlando could not be prevented. It will be difficult for them to say that there was no way to see this coming. Why?

Because the terrorist responsible for nearly 50 deaths and counting has been their suspect before. They have investigated him for ties to terrorists not once, but twice.

Omar Mateen, the shooter, was first brought to the attention of the FBI three years ago. In 2013, he was said to have made aggressive comments to several co-workers. These comments included alleged ties to a terrorist group.

According to an official, Mateen was cleared. “The FBI thoroughly investigated the matter, including interviews of witnesses, physical surveillance and records checks. In the course of the investigation Mateen was interviewed twice. Ultimately we were unable to verify the substance of his comments and the investigation was closed.”

FBI warning issued after Pearl Harbor photo: berkshirecc.edu

FBI warning issued after Pearl Harbor photo: berkshirecc.edu

Another source has said that the real issue was timing. The investigation was not completed within the required time frame and, thus, the case was closed. We will probably never hear that confirmed, but it is a bit curious.

One year later, Mateen was, again, under FBI scrutiny. 2014 brought to light an association with American suicide bomber Moner Abusalha. The official statement concerning this investigation was cut,dry, and somewhat familiar sounding. “The FBI conducted an investigation, including an interview with Mateen. We determined that contact was minimal and did not constitute a substantive relationship or a threat at that time.”

How about now? Any FBI interviewers consider Mateen to have been a substantive threat?

The FBI issued a warning after Pearl Harbor. They told Americans to report anyone they thought to be an enemy agent. It would appear that was done in this case. Citizens did their job and flagged this wacko as a possible terrorist. For whatever reason, he was deemed safe to the general public.

I realize that the Bureau gets thousands of tips and that the fight is bigger than what they can handle with their current resources. I just don’t understand why this particular case was able to progress to this point. It wasn’t that this guy slipped through the cracks undetected. His name popped up repeatedly with terror links.

While I would have preferred a red dot on his chest, he should have at least had a red flag on his name.

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source: KUSI.com