Oregon’s Climate Nazi Governor Orders “No Energy For You”


Democrat Energy Plan – A Return to Life In The 1800s, Plus A Flashlight

When you elect a liberal extremist as your governor there are inevitably going to be serious consequences. Hussein Obama proved that as America’s pretend president and Kate Brown just made the point as governor of Oregon.

Oregon is now the first state in the union to completely eliminate coal from its power supply mixture by means of legislation. Additionally, they can claim some of the most draconian requirements for “renewable” energy of any state in the Union. According to a new law, all coal-generated power will be phased out by 2030. Conveniently, that’s the same timetable for the UN Agenda 2030 surrender of American sovereignty. It also mandates that half of their power come from “renewable” sources by 2040, double the previous requirement. For the nasty commie progressives nothing is ever sufficient. This standard will inevitably be further restricted by some other lawmaker yearning to be closer to the Jurassic Era.

Forget unspoiled natural beauty, windmills will soon be cluttering and trashing up every available tract of land. In fact, you might want to chop down some of those precious trees in order to make room for a few more. Don’t worry, they grow back. That’s a secret you “environmentalists” obviously weren’t aware of from your rhetoric. Dead birds don’t, though, and there are going to be a lot more of them littering the countryside as the number of windmills increases.

Sacrificing birds and nature’s beauty is a small price to pay when viewed in the context of fighting green global climate warming change, that horrible disaster that is on the verge of someday, in the next few thousand years manifesting itself in some appalling planet-ending way. The possibilities include such calamities as longer growing seasons or more lush forests due to increased carbon dioxide levels, the stuff that makes plants grow. Run for the hills Oregon, prosperity threatens.

Governor Brown was quite proud of herself as she doomed the already economically challenged residents of her state to outrageous electrical costs in the interest of crony pilferage. She said, “Oregon is known to be a leader in [stupidity] clean-energy programs, investing in energy efficiency and recognizing the risk of climate change.”

Tell us, Governor, how do you recognize something that can’t be seen? It’s not happening, there are no specific conditions that have resulted, you can’t point to anything and say, “ah, at last, proof of the climate unicorns.” Where is this supposed disaster taking place and why is it invisible? Name three; okay, two – one?

None of the idiot liberals can identify and substantiate a single instance in which any of them has been personally impacted from this supposed disaster that never was. It’s always happening in a mythical land far, far away. Like Alaska or Antarctica and due to arrive here any minute now.

The solution they seek is really quite simple and “sustainable,” their favorite attribute for anything. Rather than sentence all of the people of Oregon and other states with similarly reckless and idiotic leadership to exorbitant energy costs, why not just leave the rational people alone, free to use whatever fuel sources they presently use, and put the Democrats on windmills in their backyards and solar cells on their rooftops. Let them climb up and brush the snow away from the panels in order to power their am radios.  They can live in caves and eat bugs, for that matter. It’s their right to choose that for themselves and their families. It shouldn’t be their right to force thinking people who recognize a fraud when they see one, both in a program and in a Governor, to join them living Fred and Wilma style.

At some point there is a price to be paid by the citizens for being stupid enough to elect Democrats. The minority Republicans did their best but the dingbats had them outnumbered.  It’s just as well; things need to come to a head. It’s time that the property values and tax base takes the hit as people respond to the assaults on their liberty and their economic viability. Let the exodus begin and with it the depressed property values and tax base that will accompany a glut of houses that nobody wants to buy in a place they can’t afford to live. Don’t forget they’ll be attacking driving with a per mile charge in the near future too.

What kind of crazy comrade wouldn’t want to engage in the struggle to survive in Soviet Oregon on America’s Commie Coast?


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