Open Season! Navy Seal Issues ISIS Hunting Permits, Liberals React BIG TIME!



Missouri Navy Seal, Eric Greiten is a candidate running for governor of Missouri and he has a great idea to raise money with a strong message.  Bumper stickers are offered, but the real treat to his campaign contributors is they’re issued their own ISIS HUNTING PERMIT 2016!  The permit writes, “it expires when we defeat this evil”.

The mock hunting permits are being sold for a $10 donation. For $100, donors can get stickers signed by a former Navy SEAL who actually killed Osama bin Laden, Navy Seal, Rob O’Neill.

“All of these people who are out there, they want to join our mission,” said Greitens. “They want to become part of the team- part of the campaign- and we thought this would be a fun way to let people know about my biography and that we all need to stand together against terrorism,” Greitens added.Greitens_Hero521x321_520_320_c1_center_top

Greitens is a man on a mission to defend Americans and help turn our country around again.  He served as Commander of an Al qaeda  targeting cell during his two deployments in Afghanistan, a true American hero.

But not everyone loves this patriotic gesture. The Executive Director for the Counsel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Missouri, Faizan Syed, says Greitens’ message may put Missouri Muslims in danger if it ends up in the wrong hands.

“The problem is with his target audience. Amongst them are radicals in this country who don’t know the difference between the two [Muslims and radical Islamists],” said Faizan Syed.

“Those are the people who we have to be worried about when they get a bumper sticker saying ‘here’s your permit to attack ISIS’. When they see a woman at Walmart with her children and they say, ‘this looks like ISIS, I’m going to attack ISIS,’ that is when the real trouble begins,” he said.

Greiten responded to the ridiculous attack with common sense, “The reason there’s this confusion is that unfortunately we have a commander-in-chief who is unwilling to say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’,” said Greitens.

“We have a problem not with Islam, there’s a problem with radical Islamic terrorism. As leaders, we need to be very clear there’s a difference.”


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