Open Borders Globalist Johnson Shows Himself In Angry Outburst


After watching this Guy Benson interview with Gary Johnson (the explosion begins at 4:22), it’s hard to argue against the potential for permanent or long term side effects, irrational outbursts, mental instability and impairment as possible results of the excessive use of marijuana and who knows what else. Maybe it’s not entirely the fault of the drugs, but something isn’t right about this guy, as he clearly demonstrates. What many of us thought was a mild-mannered “live and let live” old pothead is much more dangerous, much more explosive, much more Obama-like than we had been given a glimpse of previously in this campaign.

Asked for his overall views on immigration and how he proposed to deal with the problem of illegal immigration, Johnson opened his remarks by saying, “First of all, an acknowledgment that immigration is really a good thing.” He dismisses the deportation of the hordes of illegals currently squatting in the United States, what he describes as eleven million undocumented workers, the true disinformation that the leftists prefer. They’re not all working and if they did enjoy 0% unemployment, that’s just more American jobs they’re illegally stealing. Some are kids, some are elderly, some don’t want to work. They describe them as workers to cast their occupation of our nation in a positive light, which is exactly what Johnson is doing.

Perhaps the victim of a Freudian slip, Johnson calls them “Hard working people who can’t get across the border to take jobs that US citizens want. So they cross illegally, just like you or I would do if these were our families.” Johnson seems to completely ignore and place no value on the rights of an American in the United States, including that of earning a living, being in any way superior to a foreigner who is able to evade capture.

 He announces his solution, “Make it as easy as possible to come into this country and work (replace a working American) as possible. So issue a work visa, make it easy to get a work visa.” Johnson endorses a fifty percent increase in immigration levels across the board but even that, he said, shouldn’t have quotas from the government, there’ll either be jobs or there won’t be jobs.

The anti-American, ravaged-brain, worn-out hippie advocates letting the employment market dictate who will be here working in America under his open immigration system. He touts the reverse migration currently taking place back to Mexico because “there are more jobs in Mexico right now than the United States.” Those used to be American jobs, Governor, before our manufacturing moved south.

So this genius would give Mexicans and anyone else on the planet the freedom to come here and take our jobs while for as long as they last while at lower, third world wages, as our industry relocates and they repatriate home with it. Of course Americans aren’t allowed to follow the jobs into their country in the same manner even if they wanted to. They enforce their immigration laws and it’s “no gringos allowed.”

He wants easy, virtual on-demand citizenship for the illegals who are already squatting here and no government control over who comes and stays or when they leave.

As Benson questions the candidate on his flexible fidelity to the Constitution in the matter of supporting Obama’s dictates on amnesty, Johnson “corrects” Benson who had referred to the illegals as illegal immigrants, claiming that using the term is “very incendiary, “Just so that you know and you don’t have to use that term.” Benson seems to have hit the detonator switch on Johnson’s explosive temper, as he pressed a little further. He asked isn’t the term “accurate in the sense that they immigrated into the country illegally.”

At that point the phony nice nut job facade drops and Johnson unloads on Benson, shouting with his finger pointing. He cites the disaster he left in New Mexico, a state that should be prosperous and might be were it not for the burdens illegals put on it, noting the 48% Hispanic population and the “dragging people out of homes.”

Johnson seems to have completely forgotten his claim that the illegals are leaving of their own accord or about the effect the simple enforcement of immigration laws upon illegal employers would have in spurring self-deportation back to their home countries.

Maybe Johnson shouldn’t have quit the dope cold turkey. The withdrawal seems to be really tough on the guy.

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