One Graph Shows MSM DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE What Americans Want To Know

The mainstream media guessed wrong again.  When they jumped on board the Clinton camp induced “bimbo eruptions” as outlined and described in some one of the Wikileaks email dumps – most likely to cover for the Wikileaks email dumps of John Podesta’s gmail account – the fifth column of the fourth estate made a really bad leap of faith.  See, they didn’t anticipate that no one would care about the bimbo eruptions.  Contrary to past election cycles, the viewers and audience are more interested in the Wikileaks dumps, and Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet generated a graph of internet searches from the last week that demonstrates that.

Google trends wikileaks

From Drudge: The graph illustrates how even on the day the infamous ‘Trump tape’ was released, Google searches for Wikileaks were still significantly higher.

Oops.  Guess bimbo eruptions are passe.  Either that, or the people have seen enough of Donald Trump that they don’t believe decades old allegations that really don’t match almost every account of the man’s behavior. (An old childhood neighbor met Trump on his plane last month and said he could not have been more gracious.)

All this goes to show is that the mainstream media is living in the past.  They haven’t caught up to the reality that We the People have moved on from the old ways of doing things.  When it comes to the bimbo eruption aspect of politics, there’s a certain amount of crying wolf that melds with personality and aura that makes such allegations believable or not.  Guys like Bill Clinton, Ted Cruz, and some of the others just ooze something that makes bimbos in the background believable.  Trump…despite the model wives, not so much.

We the People are more interested in email dumps.  Yes, they are BOR-RING to wade through, and there’s all sorts of junk there, but we’re finding out some really unsavory things about the people who run the country.  That’s far more important than gropings that most likely never happened.

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