OMG! New Yorkers’ Go Hysterical At Obscene LIFE SIZED Art Exhibit Of “Naked Hillary”! Liberals Are FURIOUS!

This morning, an Artist erected an obscene caricature.   It was a naked statue of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton in NYC.  He created her wearing an open robe which displays her breasts and she has goat hooves for feet. Not only does her nudity disgust anyone who looks at it but he made her breasts that’s bearing a figure of a man who appears on her left side. The man, which is to be perceived as a Wall Street Banker, is fondling her stomach and making a kiss face.

The statue is reminiscent of a similar nude statue of Donald Trumperected in Union Square park in Manhattan in August, entitled “The Emperor Has No Balls”

 The artist placed his exhibit of Hillary outside of New York’s Bowling Green subway station in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Crowds gathered around the statue quickly and some people were laughing while others reacted furiously.  A woman who identified herself as Nancy, was one of the most  angry attackers.  She expressed her outrage with it by toppling it over. “This is obscene” she said. The artist tried to stand the sculpture back up, but onlookers prevented him from doing so in video.

Nancy is an employee at the nearby National Museum of the American Indian shouted. She told the New York Daily News: “To put something up like this in front of my workplace – I shouldn’t have to see this!”

The Artists name is Anthony Scioli, 27,the Daily News reported. He was ordered by counter terrorism police posted nearby to remove the sculpture because he lacked the proper permitting to stage such a demonstration.

Morning commuters who were witness to the scuffle over the art argued over its merits and to take it down was a violation of our First Amendment.  One guy said,“This lady shows up and tips it over and starts assaulting anyone who tried to put it back up!,” and another witness, Gene H. 39, said. He told reporters that the statue should stay up, citing freedom of speech laws.

The statue reportedly went up before 6 am; it was gone by 8.30 am.

H/T: Independent


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