OMG- Hillary Clinton is Covering Up This One Insane Fact About Trump Rally Gunman…

Now, it would be pretty much impossible not to have heard about the Trump rally where Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service Agents after alarms about a gunman.

Maybe you’ve wondered “Why is the media being so silent about who it was that attacked the rally with a gun?” It’s pretty basic, really….

The person who brandshed a weapon at the Trump rally was a CLINTON SUPPORTER!

Okay, so it’s not that easy, but here are the facts as presented. Here is the dude who caused all the commotion, Austyn Crites.



Austyn Crites at first seemed to have a weapon but now apparently, he did not have a gun. But he did have something on his stomach that appeared to be a gun.

More importantly, however, is to take a look at Crites’ Facebook profile. Even though he’s a registered Republican since 2011, Crites posted this picture to his Facebook…


ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, isn’t it? I’ll bet it is safe to say that Hillary Clinton probably paid him several thousand dollars and a brand new toaster in return for causing a stir and distracting Donald Trump.

But all this proves is that she is terrified of losing. Now let’s REALLY give Hillary something to be afraid of!

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HT/Liberty Writers