It’s Okay, Let The Wolves And Terrorists In, The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Told The Fools


Homeland Security has incorporated a program for integrating Islamist into American society and financing and covering their radical operations. Of course the anti-Americans in the regime have attempted to disguise it as a positive effort to fight the very terrorism it is enabling, labeling it the “Countering Violent Extremism” program. Bribes, protection and special privileges for Islamists and their agitators would have been a more accurate title, but it’s libel to draw too much negative attention.

Naturally the Office of Countering Violent Extremism at the State Department is headed by a Muslim “civil rights” lawyer. Irfan Saeed is the U.S. Department of State Director for Countering Violent Extremism. He formerly worked for another prominent Islamic facilitator, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson as the Senior Policy Advisor at the US Department of Homeland Security, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

There is nothing secure about our homeland with these enemy infiltrators doing everything possible to destroy us from within. That point was illustrated on Wednesday when Saeed addressed the National Academy of Sciences’ panel on “Ideologically Motivated Violence.” Of course the only ideologically motivated violence of any consequence is Islamic terrorism, but they can’t tell the truth. Just as they call it countering violent extremism, they prefer to talk around the Islamic problem than address it, to accommodate and bow to it rather than fight it.

Saeed said, “We’ve seen a large number of individuals (terrorists) travel overseas to foreign conflict zones, places like Iraq and Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan. So what happens when they come back? You have to be able to rehabilitate them and then re-integrate them back into society.”

Let’s be clear about his. We know they’re terrorists who have been fighting with ISIS or other terrorists abroad, and this person who heads the unit supposedly fighting their spread within our nation is telling us we should accept them back and disseminate them throughout our country.

He referenced a program in Aurhus, Denmark, “where they’ve really struggled with this issue, but they’ve come up with a comprehensive way to try to rehabilitate these individuals once they come back and then reintegrate them back into society.”

This terrorists sympathizer working for the pro-Islamic Obama regime advocates intervention as an alternative to prosecution. He says, “It’s one thing to throw everybody in jail and figure it out later,” but officials “understand that we can’t arrest our way out of this problem.” We need aggressive enforcement and prosecution, not an alternative. He and this subversive regime prefer to ignore the problem just as Obama prefers to empty Gitmo than jail those terrorists. They’ll address each individual jihadi as they blow themselves up with a lot of innocent civilians or are shot in the act of committing mass murder. Then we’re not arresting our way out of it, what genius.

He also stressed the importance of “strategic messaging,” contending “we figure if we can put some good messages on the internet, we can stop radicalization violence.”

Is he that big of an idiot? A few good messages on the internet will stop radicalization violence? God Help Us – this is not going to end well.

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