Obama’s Globalist Theft Of USA’s Internet – Toxic Smoke, Bad Breath And Dirty Mirrors


Whenever someone says we need to make sure we’re on the right side of history, we should reflexively duck, push back and stop to take a breath and reevaluate whatever path they’re pushing us towards. The odds are it’s a wrong one. Being “on the right side of history” is synonymous with, “bet you didn’t think you could swallow that much crap at one time, did you boy?” as the ambulance carries you to a rape trauma center. That’s the case with Obama’s Internet giveaway, and we’re taking abuse from both ends.

It’s just another application of the Obama Marxist doctrine, “take the wealth and prosperity of the evil American infidels and redistribute it to the world.” It’s in tune with the familiar “humanitarian, right thing to do, not who we are,” style of garbage that always seems to be falling out of his mouth.

The Obamanistas tell us that we should trust the foreign governments, many of which have nothing resembling a First Amendment and others which have one in name only, more than ourselves, that they will protect our freedom of speech better than we can. Are they stupid?

And it’s not just tyrannical and corrupt governments behind the ICANN Internet theft, tech communications monopolies want to seal their control and eliminate any potential for competition as well. They’re familiar names, Google, Twitter and the most villainous of all, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. We can surely trust them. Even though they’re already engaged in extreme censorship under American control where we supposedly have a First Amendment and anti-trust laws to prevent and breakup monopolies like them.

As reported earlier this month, a group of major mainstream and Internet information and “news” companies have already formed an alliance to control access to the internet and social media sites. They plan to decide what content is visible to the public based upon their perception of “quality.” One component of quality for them is content that promotes pro-world government and is anti-American.

There’s no real reason why this should take place and the only deadline is an artificial one created by the America-hater in the White House to provide him with the opportunity and the timetable to steal our property before he is evicted from our house.

A vice president of ICANN, the group that already controls the name and number assignments and which will be the recipient of Obama’s wealth transfer, Christopher Mondini claims “there’s nothing to see here.” He told AFP that there will be no impact on use of the Internet and promised the “global community” that the system will be free of government regulation and interference. He said, “This is a new kind of governance model.” He must think we’re a new kind of stupid.

We don’t know this guy but he’s probably every bit as crooked as Obama and even if he were a saint, he misses the point. It’s America’s Internet, we’re not a global community, we’re an American community. Go build your own Internet if you want one you control.

According to ICANN, theirs will be a “multistakeholder” model in which engineers, businesses, non-government groups and government bodies serve as checks against any single entity. So we’re supposed to trust the same corporations who censor us now, or those who have abandoned American citizens by moving their operations to foreign countries and importing foreign workers to do our jobs? They’re supposedly better than unscrupulous dictators? Is there a difference? They are ruthlessly bottom-line driven in everything else but the Internet will supposedly be different? The whole point of this sham is control, stealing it from the people who built it and redistributing it to the parasites who didn’t.

Mondini promised that if any of the groups that form ICANN see the organization veering from its mission “they can initiate measures to self-correct.” And what if they are the real veering problem, Mondini, or what if the others creating the problem are more powerful and simply tell those of strong moral character where the desert is and where to pound the sand?

Senator Ted Cruz has been leading what seems to be a losing battle against his corrupted colleagues in the Senate. He told a hearing earlier this month, ICANN “is not a democratic body. It is a corporation with a Byzantine governing structure designed to blur lines of accountability that is run by global bureaucrats who are supposedly accountable to the technocrats, to multinational corporations, to governments, including some of the most oppressive regimes in the world like China, Iran, and Russia.”

Arguing in favor of the theft, Kathryn Brown, president of the Internet Society, said, “This transition has been built upon a bipartisan consensus for almost 20 years through multiple administrations.” Bipartisan is another one of those danger signals that means they’re pulling an establishment fast one. “The transition will further strengthen the internet as a stable, resilient and secure tool for empowering billions of people across the globe for decades to come.”

She’s making that globalist argument again, they all are, it’s the foundation of what they’re doing. Google’s been a weekly visitor to the White House and is also among those in the censorship cabal. Naturally they’re supporting the heist. Vice President Kent Walker said it would “fulfill a promise the United States made almost two decades ago: that the internet could and should be governed by everyone with a stake in its continued growth.”

Whoever made that promise spoke out of turn. We Americans didn’t say it, and our feckless Congress didn’t approve it so that comment is of no value. It’s no different than you going to Sacramento and telling Jerry Brown I declared you to be Governor of California and he has to move out. See how far my promise gets you.

Obama’s got a handful of his fellow anti-Americans in Congress supporting his theft, wringing their boney little hands and warning how dangerous it would be for us to fail to honor is illegitimate commitment.

They said, “The internet belongs to the world, not to Ted Cruz.” No, you treasonous commie bastards, it belongs to Americans, not to the world. Senator Cruz is making no claims to ownership, but your big-eared globalist usurper squatting in America’s house most certainly is.

 Commie Senators Brian Schatz and Chris Coons, and Representatives Anna Eshoo, Doris Matsui, Frank Pallone and Mike Doyle pressed the globalist position in an article for the TechCrunch news site.

They employed the same “sky is falling” tactics they use to push the global warming hoax, threatening doom and gloom if the theft isn’t allowed to be completed. They wrote, “If the Republicans successfully delay the transition, America’s enemies are sure to pounce. Russia and its allies could push to shift control of the internet’s core functions to a government body like the UN where they have more influence.” And we could tell them “no” as well, couldn’t we, Chicken Little? That might be a great starting point for telling the UN “no” on a lot of things.

They then made a most interesting point, claiming the calamity that a delay might cause could fuel interest in a rival numbering system which could fragment the internet, possibly into unconnected networks. If our ownership and oversight is so bad, why don’t they go out on their own and build a better Internet? That’s called capitalism, maybe you commies have read about it.

Conversely, if they’re successful in ramming this theft through, and their warning is based in token doses of reality, the United States, once our government is returned to American control and Obama is on his way to a federal prison, would appear to have an option of reforming another system. We could build another Internet and fracture the hell out of the existing one. Maybe we’re not doomed to domination by the corporate fascists and authoritarians of nations and boardrooms after all.

Daniel Castro, VP at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, said the transition should go forward even if it is “imperfect.” Really, Daneil? Why is that? “US government interference at this point would undermine global consensus and reduce confidence in the multistakeholder model at a time when these attributes are needed most.” That’s a lot of big words that say absolutely nothing, try again, Danny boy.

The transition “marks a key ‘constitutional moment’ for internet governance,” he added, “and the United States should ensure it is on the right side of history.” There’s that duck and cover warning sign. We’ll be on the right side of history after November 8th, when we take the anti-American trash out. Now, take this sand…

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