Obama’s Gimmick Women Summit – Playing Clinton’s Gender Card


Valerie Jarrett reads the announcement of what is a most obviously contrived attempt to steer women gender-based voters towards the Democrat candidate. It will simultaneously be offering the current squatter a chance to exaggerate and embellish his record while promoting the narrative that he’s great with that segment of the American people but there’s “more work to be done,” and only another communist can do it.

She says, “On June 14th, the White House is hosting the ‘United State of Women Summit,’ here in Washington DC. We will gather some of the most inspiring, powerful and influential people in the world in one place to discuss one of ‘president’ Obama’s top priorities, gender equality.”

Of course we knew it was likely going to be some kind of Marxist government forced “equality” issue, so it might as well involve half of the population.  Another way to phrase it would be gender preference, as the means to forced equality will inevitably involve discriminating against males. Since non-whites already receive preference the target of the summit will once again be the hated white males; the “dirty white boys,” as they’re commonly referred to.

In the announcement Jarrett indicated that at least part of the purpose is to pat Hussein Obama on the back for “the good job he’s done” in elevating women, with the secondary component being to create an opportunity to stress how Donald Trump won’t be able to continue the “progress.”

Trump has a very positive record when it comes to hiring women for executive and other positions within his organization so they may once again find it advantageous to steer clear of the facts and just rely on hyperbole.

Jarrett and Obama, ever the reality TV style attention addicts, are conducting their own version of Star Search of American Idol in seeking women who they can use as human props to advance their political objectives.

Jarrett says, “In order to make our summit a success we are looking for heroes who are fostering ‘gender equality’ in the following topic areas: health and wellness, violence against women, economic prosperity, entrepreneurship and innovation, education and STEM, civic participation, leadership and visibility.”

She continues, “Nominate yourself or that amazing woman or man sitting next to you who’s taking action right now to improve our world.” She then gives the details on where to send applications.

She never did say if those powerful and inspiring people attending the summit would include rape enabler and spy Hillary Clinton. Maybe it’s a decision that hasn’t yet been made, with the FBI and Loretta Lynch having the final say as to where she’ll be at that time.

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