Obama’s “Clock Kid” Buddy Is Back In U.S. Is Ahmed In For Another White House Visit?

Obama’s “Clock Kid” Buddy Is Back In U.S. Is Ahmed In For Another White House Visit?

Obama’s  14 year old Muslim friend, Ahmed Mohamed is back in the states and it’s probably collection time on his $15 million dollar law suit against a Texas Community and school he attended as a freshmen.

In a letter of demands from the family attorney, the amount of money they’re seeking is $5 million from the Irving Independent School District and $10 million from the City of Irving in addition to written apologies from the Irving ISD and the city’s mayor and police chief.

The story goes like this, the teachers thought his homemade “briefcase clock” looked like a bomb.  When he carried it into the school, for precautionary measures, the school called police and held Ahmed  for questioning related to his “Clock Project”.

President Obama heard about the incident with Ahmed and his clock.

Since Ahmed is Muslim, President Obama, who has a soft spot in his world for the Muslim faith invites him to our White House?? (Obama was once of the Muslim faith but claimed he became a Christian before he was elected in 2008 for President.)

Obama wanted to meet Ahmed and congratulate him on making this clock.

Most Americans wonder why Obama would go to such great lengths to find room in his Presidential schedule to take time out and talk with Ahmed Mohamed about his “clock”? Was it because he’s Muslim? That shouldn’t matter. What if Ahmed was named Alvin and he was Catholic, could you see this happening?  Probably not!

The very next day, the Mohamed family moved back to Qatar!

Obama didn’t help the community that’s facing a $15 million  lawsuit by doing this.

They originally had 60 days to apologize to Ahmed.  The letter wrote,

 “If you fail to comply with the above demands within 60 days from the date of this letter, you should expect that we will file a civil action addressing the causes of action and events described in this letter,”

So now, the kid’s back to attend a hearing and get rich from an American community over a damn clock and the schools policy of safety and security.


H/T;  Fox News