Obama’s Abomination! Lavatory Law Is FORCED On School Girls!

In Columbus Ohio, a school district has challenged a Federal judge against Obama’s transgender school bathroom demands regarding the girls lavatory.

A federal judge rejected the school district’s challenge against Obama’s transgender toilet usage.  The school district asked to be excused from this rule to help the children feel safe and secure when they go to the restrooms. If a boy acts like he’s a girl and really isn’t, how are the young girls supposed to know what he or she really is in there for?

The ordering of an 11 YEAR OLD biologically male student who identifies as female demands he should be treated “like the girl she is.”  His order is what brought this into court and the judge agreed with the student to obey Obama’s Lavatory Law. Regardless of the school girls personal discomfort, the Lavatory Law allows this 11 yr. old to use the girls school bathroom.

Judge Algenon Marbley said the Highland Local Schools in Morrow County had failed to provide a persuasive argument that giving the student access to the girls’ restroom would jeopardize other students’ privacy or safety. He further ordered that Highland use a female name and pronouns in referring to the 11-year-old.

Judge Marbley added, “(S)chool districts that have encountered these very issues have been able to integrate transgender students fully into the academic and social community without disruption, and certainly without the doomsday scenarios Highland predicts, such as sexual predators entering an elementary-school restroom,”

Can you believe this?  My dear readers, this is what liberalism and Obamaism is.  An abomination of freedom, religious rights, morals, traditions, security of a nation, public trust violations, anti-American values.  These fragile components of America’s rights and liberties are being smashed by this Democratic, leftist, liberal administration.

If we don’t stand up against these assaults by Obama on Nov. 8th, Election Day,  I’m afraid we’ll become subservient to a government that’s only about power hunger, prejudice of the American way and who are creators of carrying on a legacy of liberal lunacy.

This Judge could of found another way to deal with this 11 year old transgender student.  When one child is causing a distraction which manages to affect an entire student body, that child needs to demonstrate acceptance and respect for the majority.

To think Obama has the nerve and the audacity to put his liberal perversion into American’s public bathrooms makes me feel sick and sad for these young ladies.


H/T: Fox News




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