NObama Care- House To Pass Replacement Bill

NObama Care- House To Pass Replacement Bill

6 years after the promise by Republicans to repeal and replace The Affordable Care ActACA (more commonly known as Obama Care,) it looks like they will finally get around to it.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has revealed that he is putting forward a bill on Tuesday that not only repeals, but replaces The Affordable Care Act.

Up to this point, despite all the noise being made by Republicans about getting rid of Obama Care, neither legislative body has actually debated a bill to take its place.

A version of the repeal measure has already been passed by the Senate, where the GOP now has a majority. The House Rules Committee meets Tuesday to debate it. From there, it goes to the President.

It is pretty much a guarantee that Obama will veto the bill. The point for Republicans is to force him to do so.

They are trying to change the climate surrounding the Affordable Care Act discussions. Now that someone has constructed a replacement, the GOP can finally shake off the reproach that Democrats have long delivered at the lack of one.

Speaker Ryan is warning people not to get their hopes up, though. While he is certain that the House will pass a replacement bill, he is equally as sure that Obama will never sign it into law.

House Republicans delivered the “Pledge to America” in 2010. In it, they promised to “repeal and replace” Obama Care.

Repealment of the Affordable Care Act has been voted more than 60 times by the House and Senate. This marks the first time, though, that replacement has come before them. That could be because this is the first time that anyone has laid out a plan that would pass either chamber.

If the bill does pass, it will be the most ground anyone has gained on the road to eliminating the much-hated, much-debated Affordable Care Act.



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source: Fox News