Obama Whining, Blames States As Lies, Fraud Of Obamacare Fall Apart

The Un – “Affordable Care Act,” Obamacare, was signed into law in March of 2010. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hussein Obama forced the piece of bankruptcy-bound legislation, which was designed to fail, upon the American people against our will as a health welfare program.

Democrats also loved it because it would destroy our private medical sector while inflicting a huge amount of red ink upon the United States through subsidies and bailouts. It has done just what anyone with half a brain, the Democrat leadership, either never saw coming or never cared was coming. It’s what thinking people in opposition knew was inevitable from the outset.


Hussein Obama can’t claim he didn’t know it would end like this, he was intimately involved. He had an MIT economics expert, Jonathan Gruber telling him to just go out and screw the stupid people. Anyone who believes Obama is undeniably stupid, but this is a new group of them, the current millennials.  

We all must know Obamacare is somehow failing in some yet undisclosed manner because of George Bush. Mr. Big Boy Obama will most certainly blame him as soon as someone comes up remotely sellable reason. For now the guy who’s always telling Donald Trump he shouldn’t be whining about Democrat racketeering and election fraud is whining about exactly what he was warned about with Obamacare.

His “Guru” Jonathan Gruber was demonized for being honest enough in an academic setting to admit that Obamacare was a fraud, deliberately structured, “written in a tortured way to make sure that CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies.” He also noted that if you wrote it honestly as healthy people pay in sick people get money it wouldn’t have passed. That testimony, on video from November of 2014, shows the intent to deceive and to have the millenials that Obama is speaking to pay for other people’s coverage and expenses. It was the critical component of the doomed legislation from the outset.

But to hear Hussein Obama tell it, the fault belongs either with George Bush or with the governors and legislatures of states which are “hostile” to the act. It’s them, not the exorbitant cost, limited coverage, huge deductibles or limited providers that are not the doctors he told people they could keep that are to blame for its insolvency and impeding collapse. Once again, socialism proves to be a abject failure.

It’s all due, Obama tells us, to the states “not actively participating in outreach.” In other words, the honesty of those people who aren’t repeating the lies in the Ponzi scheme, who are exposing another of Obama’s many frauds, are to blame. Outreach for Obama is synonymous with BS or propaganda. Something at which he’s quite adept.

Every excuse he’s using now was known in advance, as Gruber indicated. Particularly in this economy with real unemployment at around 30%, young people aren’t going to be spending money on health insurance. Any idiot, even a Democrat pretend ‘president,’ could see this coming a mile away.

Here’s Gruber explaining how the lies, fraud and the stupidity of young Americans are critical to Obamacare’s success.

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