Obama – Unionize, Pay Dues To Those Giving Our Jobs To Foreigners


Community organizer Hussein Obama has a message for Americans stupid enough to still believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Celebrate Labor Day and our history by joining the same labor unions that are conspiring with the Democrats to import a replacement, cheap foreign work force. Be American, and put yourself out of work while paying dues to the people who are giving your job away. What a great idea!

 Obama says that for generations, every time the economy has changed, hard working Americans have marched and organized, and joined unions to demand, not simply a bigger paycheck for themselves, but better conditions and more security for the folks working next to them too.

He’s obviously positioning unions as the solution to the problem his globalist government is creating and counting on people accepting his lie that the current situation is the same as what Americans have historically faced. He’s also betting they’ll be too ignorant to see through the union scam.

His cabal of fascist elites are relocating our manufacturing elsewhere so getting results by marching in the streets simply cannot happen. Demonstrating in front of an Indiana plant that has moved to Mexico is going to be pretty pointless. Inanimate objects such as empty buildings are usually not very interested in the problems or viewpoints of people on the street.

As he and his globalist partners fleece the American people on their exit out of the country, he’s organizing for unions to represent the dwindling numbers of workers remaining. The assumption by the American workers is that they’re protecting their own jobs, but all they’re doing is empowering a union that will favor the foreigner over Americans, as they do now in many industries. Construction fields, Culinary and many other unions are increasingly run by and for illegal aliens who are happy to take American jobs and Americans, having put them into power, are left with no recourse.

The unions of today are employment services for illegal aliens or those with legal status who are non-Americans. While Obama attempts to attach himself to the beneficial effects of past union stands, those are not the unions of today.

Obama accentuates his message with distorted claims of the success of the past seven and a half years. On the planet where Obama’s mind resides, they’re “focused on making sure that the gains of a growing economy don’t just flow to a few at the top but to everybody.”

None of us have to worry about being able to make this month’s yacht payment, he proclaims that our Obamajobs leave us with plenty left over. He talks about raising the minimum wage as an indicator of his economic success but if Americans are being paid the minimum wage in numbers significant to base his prosperity arguments upon it, doesn’t that contradict his assertions? Wouldn’t higher wages among large numbers of Americans be more consistent with claims of prosperity?

Obama says that last year income for everybody not in the top one percent grew at the fastest rate since the 1990s. Since, according to the Pew Research Center our income has actually decreased by 4% in that time period, is he actually saying that our incomes last year decreased by less? That same report has our median wealth down by 28% from 2001 to 2013. And when he makes those claims, does he take into account rising food prices or the increased home rental costs due to his illegal alien invading force? What of the money we’re spending supporting “refugees” and illegals that he’s simply stealing and handing over, is that expense calculated into his phony numbers and claims of government imposed prosperity?

Our dictator takes a shot a Donald Trump’s campaign “bluster,” apparently aware that the truth of Obama’s many failures is about to get a lot more attention. Obama blames the “constantly changing economy,” not his ineptitude or deliberate pillaging of America in service to his fellow global fascists as being responsible for giving people the feeling of being left behind. Maybe it’s the fact that our industry moved to another country that gives them the “left behind” feeling.

He shifts to the distraction of equal pay for equal work, which is a meaningless argument. Unless the woman is working for Hillary Clinton or another high profile Democrat, they’re already getting paid the same as a man. The point is that there are far fewer jobs for Americans at any wage for either gender.

He talks of “restoring the sense that hard work is rewarded with a fair shot to get ahead,” his new globalist diminished expectations replacement for the American dream of success. Now, he tells us, we should be content with just the sensation of not being behind.

Obama closes by making a pitch that Americans should stand up for the collective, for all the comrades working across America to be represented by unions. He actually labels those on the bottom of the economic scale as “folks who work as hard as we do.” That’s quite a statement for a guy who spends as much time as he does on vacations, fund raising, golfing, entertaining celebrities and dedicating national monuments. Obama couldn’t survive a day of actual hard work.

 Most Americans who are fortunate enough to have a job in this horrible mess he’s created deliver an honest day’s work for the reduced wage his policies now mandate. Honest work is a concept he’s totally unfamiliar with. More and more working Americans don’t have the luxury of playing a round of golf and can’t remember their last vacation. Working multiple part-time Obamajobs and unemployment don’t come with those perks.

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