Obama Regime’s New “Legal” Invasion Rat Lines More Population Transformation, White Dilution


The US government is has now officially become the coyote of choice in the Central America invasion game. They claim it’s a matter of life and death and for some that may be true. That’s not why the Obamanistas are doing what they’re doing. They’re after more power and more control.

America has no obligation to self-destruct in the fanciful pursuit of a utopia for all people. We are not required to destroy our own nation in the interest of making a better life for others or political correctness. Survival often requires that one put themselves first. That is true with nations as well.

The word the regime uses to sugar-coat their deception is “resettlement.” It has connotations of legitimacy that importation and invasion do not. The corrupt invasion facilitators are the US State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. DHS made the announcement Tuesday that they will be allowing children and adults (anybody) from several Central America countries to “resettle” in America. The need only pass a “pre-screening” interview in Costa Rica and “processing” by the United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR.

Once again the unanswered question needs to be asked: “What the Hell is the UN doing determining who can and cannot be a US resident and eventual citizen?” They shouldn’t even be allowed on our soil, let alone usurping our own self-governing authority.

Why is the circumvention of immigration law for political gain and population transformational purposes suddenly the law of the land? Our cowardly Congress never gave an official approval but they most certainly have given a tacit one. Where is the representation we pay these slugs $200K a year to provide us?

According to the announcement, Cost Rica entered into a “Protection Transfer Arrangement” with the UN and the “International Organization for Migration.” Migration, in their context, means dumping humans into the US at the illegal behest of the Marxist Obama regime. Johnson lied in the announcement, stating that the US is expanding our already existing Central American Minors program to accommodate more children and some adults from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

We the people don’t have such a program and we’re therefore most certainly not expanding it. The criminals who have hijacked our government, including the illegal alien jihadi in the White House, have a program and they are expanding it. They do so as our equally corrupt Congress is sitting on their fat derrieres allowing it to happen unchallenged. That is not the American people so therefore it is not the US. We still operate under the illusion of self-government.

The head of Western Hemisphere Invasion Operations, DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson, said in a statement, “Through the Central American Minors [CAM] program, the U.S. government offers an alternative, safe, and legal path to the United States for children seeking protection from harm or persecution in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Today, we are expanding these resettlement opportunities to additional vulnerable individuals within the region.”

“This will increase the number of individuals to whom we are able to provide humanitarian protection while combating human smuggling operations.” Johnson left out the part about their efforts at diluting the white population and replacing them with people who have a complexion and willingness to accept domination more to the regime’s liking.

Johnson also laid the foundation for the next step in establishing the open border government rat lines, saying some minors could come directly to the United States after being screened and interviewed in their home country by DHS officials.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA), who along with Jeff Sessions seem to be the only Senators concerned with this destructive administrative actions, said, “We absolutely need to be doing everything we can to control the unaccompanied alien children crisis, but the CAM program is a band-aid for a much-deeper wound.  Allowing even more otherwise ineligible immigrants into the United States is not a way to protect these children or American citizens.”


He smells the stench of treason rising from the rats Johnson, Kerry and Obama. Vitter said, “It’s a known fact that under the CAM program, illegal immigrants benefiting from President Obama’s executive amnesty are eligible for the program, allowing them to put down even more roots in the U.S.”

What those who have hijacked our Government are up to is obvious. It’s also obvious that with rare exception, the gutless Congress is allowing them to get away with it. The American people are taking our country back and we have long memories. That is why so many in Congress are hesitant to support Donald Trump. Most of them are part of the problem. Nobody wants to share a cell with Hillary Clinton.

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