Obama Proudly Posed With Obvious Erection In Plane Full Of Women

Obama Proudly Posed With Obvious Erection In Plane Full Of Women

Ok, we’ve got some oranges to compare to the road apples the left and GOP globalists have been throwing at our future next president, Mr. Trump. On one hand we’ve got two guys sitting on a bus engaged what they thought was a private conversation with no by standers involved, the Trump – Bush conversation.

On the other hand, you’ve got Hussein Obama doing his best Bill Clinton imitation, getting sexually aroused over something and then exciting himself more by presenting having other people look at him, presenting himself, as they call it in National Geographic videos, for the viewing “pleasure” of a plane load of reporters.


As the video starts out, Obama stands, pretending to be unaware of his erection. That’s not the kind of thing that happens in a vacuum (unless he’s sent in his $19.95 plus shipping) or more correctly, without the knowledge of the individual involved. But Obama’s just getting started. Rather than remaining seated until the situation corrected itself, Reggie’s stud muffin decided to make sure everyone on the plane got a good look.

He first stood up in the face of one female, who immediately turned around with a sheepish look on her face and walked to the back of the plane. Obama then posed for a few moments before doing a couple of “Victoria’s Secret” style spins for his captive audience. Some of the women can be heard telling one of their fellow reporters to sit down as she was blocking their view of the exhibitionist.

After a catwalk spin in each direction, Obama raised his leg up, propping it upon a seat across the aisle, allowing for a full and unobstructed view of his package. It’s a display not unlike that we’ve seen from the Mooch when the choice of attire was a little too tight and a little too revealing around the groin area.

As it becomes obvious to Obama that he’s making a spectacle of himself, that everybody in the plane knows what he’s doing and looking at him, some decency appears to creep in from somewhere. He’s at least self-conscious enough to move back to a less obvious position from which to generate his perverse Democrat brand of political excitement.

As his little show wraps up, Obama looks back at the group for his finale, making eye contact as if he is asking if it was as good for them as it was for him. For most it was probably their first experience with this Obama prick; and unfortunately not their last.

Why is it again that the MSM propagandists are so upset about two guys talking in private, out of sight, in their seats on a bus?



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