Obama President Of Iran? Talking Like It On Nuclear New Year


Obama has a message for everyone celebrating Nowruz, across the United States and around the world. He’s one of them, with the announcement of celebrations to be held at the White House. Of course they are, Valerie Jarrett wouldn’t have it any other way. His masters in Iran deserve it.

He quotes a guy who he describes as a great poet, who has some odd window fetish that Obama shares. He gives us a weather report and mentions spring without a reference to climate change. He saves that nonsense for Americans or other, more gullible people who are targeted for his propaganda. He respects the Iranians and would never insult them with that kind of drivel.

He brags about successfully letting Iran restart their nuclear weapons program and how he sees it as a new beginning in the relationship between our two nations. A new beginning happened in January of 2009 too, that one hasn’t worked out very well. Call it a fundamental transformation, Obama; it looks like the beginning of the end.

He engaged with them in a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. Obviously those were one-sided occurrences on both counts. Obama respected his Iranian masters and conducts his affairs with solely their interests in mind.

Obama points out we’re assured that the Iranian program is and will remain peaceful. It’s all in how one defines peace. If you are not at war but are a prisoner or hostage to a tyrannical regime and under constant threat of violence, does that meet the definition?

Obama rolls out the same baloney sandwich of more jobs he uses as the justification for anything he does, even if they are the lowest wage, unpleasant and unfulfilling jobs in the world. Claiming to have created jobs is the great absolution for all of his misdeeds.

He pitches how the world is going to be better off and a better place to live in the wake of his reckless terrorism enablement. That may be the case for his audience, those who are celebrating the new Iranian Spring. It’s not that way for the rest of the planet.