Obama Orders All Govt Agencies To Spend Money Fighting Phantom Of Climate Change


Pretend ‘president’ and real life dictator Hussein Obama issued a mandate to all of his bobble-head department heads in a September 21st memo. They are all to consider the impact of climate change on national security. He should have included the impact of space aliens as well, and would have been able to kill two unfounded and unsubstantiated birds with one stone. Then again, unlike climate change, there is some evidence to suggest that space aliens really do exist. That comparison is not completely fair.

Obama declared, “Climate change poses a significant and growing threat to national security, both at home and abroad.” Of course nothing could be further from the truth but truth is nothing more than a quaint concept to the usurper. The fact that he’s taking this action means that he’s been plotting and he’s paving the way. The threats cited in the memo included flooding, drought, heat waves, intense precipitation, pest outbreaks, disease, and electricity problems, all of which can “affect economic prosperity, public health and safety, and international stability.”

Obama may not have picked up a Bible very often, seeing it as the domain of the infidel, but if he had he’d know those maladies and plagues have been around a lot longer than cars or coal-fired power plants. He continued spinning his tale, saying our military readiness could be adversely affected. Everything is always a possibility as none of the hysterical claims are actually manifested in the real world.

He argues that the climate change that could happen also could “adversely affect military readiness; negatively affect military facilities and training; increase demands for federal support to civil defense authorities, and increase the need to maintain international stability and provide humanitarian assistance needs.”

In other words, he’s about to spend a lot of money with nothing to prove it needs to be spent besides reports full of fantasy land maybes. Rather than directing that money towards actual defense readiness, which is seriously lacking, he’s going to piss it away on fighting the air, the oceans and the American people.

Rather than concentrating attention on fighting terrorism, our hijacked government, in the person of Obama’s national security and science/technology chiefs, is commanded to convene an inter-agency working group to study climate-related impacts on national security and develop plans to deal with those impacts.

Those participating in the working group will include high-ranking officials from the Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Energy, Homeland Security, Agency for International Development, NASA, Director of National Intelligence, U.S. Mission to the U.N., Office of Management and Budget, Council on Environmental Quality, Millennium Change Corporation, and “any other agencies or offices as designated by the co-chairs.”

They are all agencies staffed with Obama operatives who are committed to burdening the nation with this nonsense. There’s no telling what kind of obscene, wasteful stupidity will come out of this gathering.

The only basis that “legitimizes” the pursuit of this self-destructive poison pill is the declaration by the anti-American squatting in our White House that climate change is an indisputable fact. It is an assertion that is not based on any real science but the same kind of “because I said so” many of us heard from our parents when they likewise couldn’t or didn’t want to bother with explaining their actions.

The working group has 90 days to develop an action plan, which must include “specific objectives, milestones, timelines, and identification of agencies responsible for completion of all actions described therein.” That way he can get some of them implemented and the money flowing to his pet projects and cronies before his blessed eviction.

They’ve also got 150 days to develop implementation plans, many of which may be begun sooner if they’re ready. But just how does one take definitive action against a myth, a ghost, a phantom? Do you build a sea wall around an area that isn’t experiencing any flooding because some day it might happen? Or do you go to an area where flooding is taken place, although caused by a different set of factors and blame it on climate change? Do you relocate a naval base inland to Arizona because that’s where Al Gore predicted the oceans would have a couple of years ago?

Doesn’t an actual response need to have a stimulus of some sort? We’ll soon find out, the contortions these operatives go through to spin fantasy into a physical, urgent, factual need will, at a minimum, prove to be quite interesting.

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