Obama Official Admits No Plan B For Syria – Arming ISIS Terrorists All We’ve Got


Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) knows that he’s being lied to by the administration, specifically in this instance, by John Kerry and the State Department. He decided to call them on it. It’s becoming apparent that a policy of creating and arming ISIS as a proxy force to wage a war Syria isn’t working out with Russia in the mix. Even having their ISIS surrogates attacked a UN Convoy so it could be blamed on Assad as part of their attempt to topple the Syrian regime isn’t working out. How are they ever going to get an Islamic theocracy into place in Syria in the face of Russian meddling and ISIS losses?

Corker has been hearing about a plan “B” for a while but he’s never seen it. It’s never been presented so he was naturally curious if it really existed. What if the Syrian army is stronger than ISIS? Who will change the regime the way Obama and the Congressional globalist war mongers want?

He asked for an explanation of plan “B” from the numbskull Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Blinken’s the guy who did that idiotic commercial promoting an Islamic caliphate in America with Grover of Sesame St. Refugees are just like the rest of us, except they’re Islamic and lots of them are terrorists who want to kill us. Aside from that they’re just like us, and the fact that they demand their own set of laws. And they think their religion takes a superior position to our Constitution and should be the law of our land. Maybe he tried to oversimplify things. We’ll see how he does explaining plan “B” to Corker.

Corker prefaces his question with a statement that the reason the people who think like he does and Obama want to overthrow Assad is because he’s killing his own people. Would that be the terrorists that are trying to overthrow him as the US is, Senator? He is entitled to defend himself and his nation and the terrorists and insurgents are known to use human shields.

Corker accuses Russia, our new boogeyman since our White House teamed up with ISIS terrorists, of joining Assad in killing innocent women and children. It’s the premise for his question, a need to be told the nature of a plan for “dealing with” them.  

Perhaps plan “B” involves drawing another red line or maybe choosing a line of a different color that the Russians and Syrians wouldn’t be expecting. Obama is a master tactician when it comes to gimmicky non-action pony shows. There’s always the prospect of another reset button or maybe a reset switch. Those Ruskies will never know what hit ’em.

Blinken attempts to filibuster Corker for a couple of minutes until he runs out of drivel and is forced by the obvious to admit that there is no plan. Obama has no clue what he’s doing, as usual. He’s bluffing at best and being called by all the other players in the game.

Blinken could have made Corker and McCain’s day by saying two words, “nuke Moscow,” but they’ll have to wait for another day. As an alternative he did his best to baffle ’em with the typical BS, failing miserably. But Corker and the arms merchants can’t be too hard on the guy. He’s been busing selling terrorist importation to the stupid Americans, and doing an undignified and pathetic Muppet propaganda video. We can’t expect him to have time left for trivial matters such as potential hostilities with Russia. Grover now understands all of those who oppose the Obama caliphate are evil. That’s the kind of legacy stuff that is what really counts in the end.

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