Obama Offers “No Justice No Peace” Terms


Obama added three more to the body count in his war on white America and white police officers with the murders in Baton Rouge. He did a fair job of diverting the appearance of responsibility for his actions, not bothering to mention the two year campaign of vilification that he and Eric Holder began in Ferguson in August of 2014.

Ferguson is in Missouri, where the latest murderer also happened to be from. Surely the two years of intense anti-cop, anti-white propaganda Obama’s DOJ and other accomplices have been serving up had nothing to do with this piece of filth’s decision. At least that’s what the other piece of filth, the one squatting in America’s White House, would have us believe.

Obama says “As of right now we don’t know the motive” and then makes an ignorant clarification of the type of encounter, failing to address the fact that once again a black man murdered innocent police officers in an ambush. He again is a known black supremacist and follower of the anti-white racist hate monger Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan.

Obama surely knew this as well, which is why it was important for him to get his comments out into the public sphere quickly so that the black supremacist component can be ignored. He also can’t take any questions from the media. There’s always a remote chance they’d ask a question about his own racist agenda that he couldn’t dodge.

Obama is supremely hypocritical in his statement that “nothing justifies attacks on law enforcement.” Having advocated retaliation against police and exaggerated the nature of their “offenses” for two years as he stirred up the black supremacists, these murders were entirely predictable. He must have expected them as well. He’s pushing it to ask anyone to believe this isn’t exactly the outcome he was seeking for this stage in his agenda, the fundamental transformation and destruction of our nation. He, Eric Holder and George Soros started Black Lives Matter for just this purpose.

This is a mid or starting point in the process. He’s got a lot of treachery still lurking inside that evil mind of his and waiting to be revealed. Not once during the over five minutes of his meaningless proclamations and pronouncements did Obama identify himself as part of the problem. He pointed the finger of blame in every direction except where it belongs, back at him.

Obama calls on everyone in the United States to forget the last seven and a half years of his constant carping against the evil white devils, white privilege and police acting “stupidly.” He demands that “Everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further.” Suddenly he’s of the opinion that “We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric. We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda.” He chastises the unruly and disobedient Americans, saying, “We need to temper our words and open our hearts, all of us (except Obama).”

He then immediately goes from false proclamation of America is at fault into the promotion of his “cops bad – agitators and thugs good” agenda. The great divider quotes a nonsensical phrase about bullets and peace as some sort of basis for joining hands with his racist cop killing, white-hating associates, a union which undoubtedly carries with it the condition of surrender to their agenda as a price to be paid for a temporary “peace.”

Obama is skillful in disguising what he’s really up to.  He’s not calling for peace, he’s calling for that surrender, which is part of the reason he started the whole uprising to begin with. We haven’t heard the last of this line of crap from this subversive anti-American.

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