Obama Spews Lies And Pushes Agenda After Dallas Shootings

Barak Obama photo:capitolhillblue

Obama Spews Lies And Pushes Agenda After Dallas Shootings

Ladies and gentleman, I am (more than usually) disgusted with Barak Hussein Obama. His response to the slaughter of 5 police officers in Dallas is nauseating.

Taking a moment from his meeting in Warsaw, Poland, he addressed the situation.

He started out great. The shootings were described as “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” Of course, the fact that he even took the time to speak out about the deaths of these policemen is an improvement over his silence on all the other officers murdered this year.

Barak Obama photo:capitolhillblue

Barak Obama                                                                                               photo:capitolhillblue

It did not take long, however, before he derailed. He made sure that he referenced “our need to be concerned as all Americans about racial disparities in our criminal justice system.” Surely this was the perfect place and time to include his opinion on that situation. It was a quote from his speech the day before about the shootings of two black men by police. In that same speech he spewed a  “fact” about the racial issue.

Obama stated that “Last year African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites.” Is this true? Nope. In fact, it’s completely backward. Last year 502 whites were killed by police. Just 250 blacks were. Before you start arguing proportion by population, consider one thing. Over half of all violent crimes are committed by black citizens.

I am pretty lousy at math, but even I know that doesn’t add up to his  so-called truth. Then again, if he used the real numbers, it wouldn’t jive with his agenda. Speaking of which, he also used part of his “Our prayers are with the families” moment to get in his much-loved gun control topic.

Yep. In a speech meant to comfort the families and solidify the nation, he got his digs on gun in. “We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. In the days ahead, we will have to consider those realities as well.”

Interestingly, Obama made this comment: “I will have more to say about this as the facts become more clear.”

When has that ever stopped him before? Did he wait for all the facts to speak about Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, or the two shootings of black men this week? I suppose it is only when law enforcement officers who don’t “look like they could be his son” are shot that the facts are necessary. Hopefully, he gets those facts from a different source than the one that gave him the stats on people shot by police.

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source: Newsweek