Obama Knew What “Rigged Elections” Meant, Now He Can Eat Crow.

Obama Knew What “Rigged Elections” Meant, Now He Can Eat Crow.

Back in early August Hussein Obama was asked by one of his adoring trained seals during a press conference about assertions made by Donald Trump that the election was be rigged against him. Obama was asked, “Can you promise the American people that this election will be conducted in a fair way and are you worried that comments like his could erode the public’s faith in the outcome of the election. And if he does win, given that you’ve just declared him unfit, what will you say to the American people?”

The great deceiver, who was already vigorously engaged at that time in election fraud, as was exposed by the Project Veritas videos,  replied that he has one vote. That may be true but he has the power to enable many others who “have one vote” to vote multiple times through his fraud and those who have no right to vote to vote anyway, as many times as they are able to get away with. As illegal aliens, most laws, including those regarding ID fraud, are not enforced against them.


Obama then attempts to portray Mr. Trump’s concerns as petty and impossible, saying “I don’t really know where to start on answering this question.” Most folks would start with the truth, but not Obama. His lips would catch fire.

He then puts on his condescending “cute little smirky boy face” and says, “Of course the elections will not be rigged. What does that mean?” He says the federal government doesn’t run the election process, which is true, although Jeh Johnson and other criminals at DHS are trying hard to insert themselves.

Nobody, and that includes Mr. Trump, said it would be the federal government rigging the system. The Democrats, globalists, and establishment GOP have those bases covered. After hiding behind the veil of local governments running the actual election processes, Obama dismissed Trump’s concerns, saying, “That’s ridiculous, that doesn’t make any sense and I don’t think anybody would take that seriously.”

The liar in the White House goes on to say, “Now we do take seriously, as we always do, our responsibilities to monitor and preserve the integrity of the voting process. If we see signs that a voting machine or system is vulnerable to hacking, (it’s exploited) then we inform the local authorities that are running the elections that they need to be careful.” Why is Jihadi Jeh Johnson asking for permission to monitor the election if they’re already, according to Obama, doing that and informing the locals? Clearly that’s just a smoke screen for the next point, to appear involved on a broad basis and objective.

What they do police obsessively, in the favor of the Democrats, is the next point he raises, access. Giving the impression that inspectors are walking around with clipboards conducting random and fair inspections, Obama said, “If we see jurisdictions that are violating federal laws (excluding immigration) in terms of equal access and uh aren’t providing ramps for disabled voters, or are discriminating in some fashion, or are otherwise violating civil rights laws, then the “Justice” Department will come in and take care of that.” They’ll invite the New Black Panthers to come in as monitors to make sure no Republicans or crackers do what the Dems are already up to.

As usual Obama presents fabrication as fact. Local ordinances across the nation already require public buildings, the kind used for polling, to be wheel chair accessible. That problem doesn’t exist but state and local governments preventing illegal squatters from voting or limiting people to a single vote is something the Democrats take seriously.

It was all foundation laying for a point in the future when the attempted theft was is no longer speculation but a reality. That’s why he chided Trump for being proactive in his complaints, to try to silence him through ridicule. Their plan might have worked if their corruption hadn’t been exposed by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

Obama didn’t need to ask what election rigging means since he has been up to his eyeballs in it since he first propped his feet up on the people’s desk. He was engaged in it against Bernie Sanders in the primary and now with Hillary Clinton’s operatives, including George Soros’ Black Lives Matter thugs and their orchestrator, Bob Creamer, through 342 White House meetings. If anyone knows about election stealing, it’s the foreigner who isn’t even an American. He could and probably does, give lessons.

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