Obama Justice – Black/Brown Privilege, Redistribute Lots Of Money


Hussein Obama’s version of the fireside chat, the weekly Saturday message that he delivers as the nation burns, deals this week with his benefits package for criminals. As his Democrat economic and social policies result in a dearth of jobs for inner city populations, his solution is to increase those numbers by adding more criminals. From his standpoint, that of an anti-American whose doing everything he can to sow the seeds of dissent and chaos, it makes perfect sense.

He notes that almost sixty percent of those behind bars have mental health problems and seventy percent were regular drug users. Obama considers them to be low risk and wants to release them back into our communities. He says that as a whole the prison population is disproportionately black and Latino, though each of those incarcerated was convicted in a trial. The majority of them are guilty, their ethnicity is what it is, they committed the crimes. He talks of a “fair justice system,” but it’s unfair to fault the system for catching and punishing the perpetrators or to provide benefits based upon their skin color.

Obama says the reason the US has more people in prison is because our justice system is unfair and he’s going to reform it. He’s working his way around to an announcement of preference in sentencing to non-white criminals. Everyone knows that even criminals enjoy white privilege in what Obama and his comrades know as “the great Satan,” the United States. Fair sentencing isn’t fair enough if all criminals are treated equally. He’s got to control the playing field, he’s gonna get whitey. He’s not tipping his hand yet, but it’s coming.

He claims that locking people up doesn’t make communities safer, another familiar Obama lie. If the criminals are in prison they can’t commit crimes. The fact that locking up criminals absolutely makes communities safer is proven every time a recently released convict re-offends. The streets were safer with them behind bars.

Obama claims he wants to deal with the conditions that led people to criminal activity in the first place, a whole range of expensive, time consuming, useless excuses for filling the streets with his prison veterans, gang members and Islamist converts – his foot soldiers in the war against America.

This lying propagandist cites figures that a ten percent increase in the high school graduation rate equals a similar drop in the incarceration rate. He ignores the fact that the schools often are institutions that resemble prisons. Abusive, violent students who couldn’t care less about their academics behave like inmates. Those situations exist in Democrat controlled inner cities, Mr. Obama, and are the fruits of your Marxist party’s handiwork.

This anti-American who has maneuvered us into a 20% and higher national unemployment rate talks of increased wages as he fills our inner cities with low wage foreign workers and unemployed. He also quotes evidence that the longer people stay in jail the more likely they are to re-offend once they get out. Following that logic, he makes an argument against incarcerating anyone, at least any minority.

He reveals his plans to make a criminal record the key to that better paying job. He’s going to announce “new actions” or dictatorial decrees as they are commonly referred to in other banana republics, putting criminals to work for the government. Why would any reasonable, fair-minded person want to exclude felons from having access to our social security numbers and other personal data?

Obama adopts his phony “get excited about this” voice, which always means he’s got something expensive or distasteful he’s trying to slide by us. He does and it’s both, the key points are:

  • Disrupting the pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. More funding is the Obama answer to everything.
  • Addressing the disparities in the application of criminal justice means more federalization of local police and the race benefits we knew were coming for non-whites.
  • Investing in alternatives to prison, like drug courts and mental health treatment. Investing means spending tax money, drug offenses are already being decriminalized and mental health means we’ll have more drugged up criminals to deal with walking amongst us.
  • Assistance in returning to work, competing against non-criminals who don’t have the government as a sponsor in a saturated employment pool filled with illegals the government is protecting who are taking American jobs.

He says this is about living up to our ideals as a nation, more of his typical “not who we are” crap. It’s about state racism against white people and the further degradation of our national fiber, our culture and our society.

As fond as Obama is of violating the law there is one law he can’t break, the law of supply and demand. Until he gets rid of the illegals he’s imported and stops sending our manufacturing overseas and killing our energy capacity, none of these problems he’s enumerated can be fixed.

He doesn’t want them fixed; he just wants to take advantage of them in pursuit of his goals of the degradation of our society. Fortunately his time is short. If we can keep another commie, either Clinton or Sanders, from following him into the White House and continuing with his fundamental transformation we have a chance. If not, make sure you’ve got a lot of ammo. The quiet, safe streets of American will soon be a thing of the past and it will be every family for themselves.

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