Obama Insists American’s Must Pay A Gas Tax, “It’s Too Cheap”



Just when you think Obama is letting American’s enjoy the low price of gasoline, he has to ruin it with a tax proposal.  Everything that is good for the working poor, he seems to frown upon.

Obama is calling for oil companies to pay a $10.00 per barrel of oil fee.  This tax is going to fund his clean air transport agenda.  The fee would be phased in over five years and would provide $20 billion per year for traffic reduction, investment in transit systems and other modes of transport such as high-speed rail.  It would also offer $10 billion to encourage investment in clean transport at the regional level, the White House said.

Luckily, Paul Ryan is objecting to Obama’s  proposal.

“Once again, the president expects hardworking consumers to pay for his out of touch climate agenda,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement, arguing it would lead to higher energy prices and hurt poor Americans.

Ryan went on to describe Obama’s plan as “dead on arrival” in Congress. “The good news is this plan is little more than an election-year distraction. As this lame-duck president knows, it’s dead on arrival in Congress, because House Republicans are committed to affordable American energy and a strong U.S. economy,” Ryan said.

The plan also saw opposition from advocates for the oil industry, warning it would harm consumers.

“The White House thinks Americans are not paying enough for gasoline, so they have proposed a new tax that could raise the cost of gasoline by 25 cents a gallon, harm consumers that are enjoying low energy prices, destroy American jobs and reverse America’s emergence as a global energy leader,” API President and CEO Jack Gerard.

It seems Obama will never be happy until he has hurt Americans in every way possible.

H/T:  Fox News