Obama Hit His Goal Of 10K Imported Syrians, A Few Christian Genocide Targets


Dictators often do whatever they damn well please with no consideration to their subjects, the little people who have to live with the consequences of their actions. Hussein Obama is that type of dictator. He announced his goal in April of importing 10,000 potential terrorists as “Syrian refugees” before the end of the fiscal year, September 30th.

It was a commitment that his open borders henchman at DHS, Jihadi Jeh Johnson reiterated in June, the policy that his master, George Soros had ordered implemented, as leaked emails revealed. While he couldn’t care less about the well-being of the American people or our nation, Obama doesn’t like to disappoint his master. He didn’t, in fact, for the current year goal of 10k Jihadi wannabes, Obama is ahead of schedule.

It’s amazing how fast the processing can be accelerated when you don’t have to bother with vetting or security considerations. The Olive Garden style of “Abdul, party of six, your application and passports are ready” screening and approval can really get those numbers up there in a hurry.

And talk about consistency, the pro-Islamic nature of the Obama regime is readily apparent when one takes a look at the breakdown of the “Syrians” along religious lines. While it’s true that there is a genocide underway against Christians in the Middle East,  much of it being carried out by Obama’s ISIS brethren, you’d never know it from an examination of those granted asylum.

Obama is a big fan of diversity when he’s selling the Americans on the idea of diluting the white population. It doesn’t exist when it comes to his favored refugee pool. 98.2 percent of those admitted to the United States are Sunni Muslims. Despite America being a Christian nation and there being a genocide against Christians ongoing in the Middle East, those are the facts. It seems we have an anti-Christian Islamic bigot in the White House.

Then again, if the purpose of this program was to help oppressed refugees, they’d be in camps in their homelands and their religion would not be a factor. The purpose of this invasion is to remake America, there are multiple possible reasons as to why that is desirable to those responsible, none of them good for America or the American people. But certainly the purpose of the refugee program is to import seed Muslims into the United States.

Today marks the arrival of Obama’s ten thousandth “refugee” from Syria. Based upon the estimates of Syria’s Ambassador to India, Riad Abbas, of 20 percent of those who went to Europe being ISIS members, the numbers are staggering. That would mean the dictator who has hijacked our nation just brought in a minimum of two thousand terrorists, just waiting for the word to “wake up” and unleash their jihad.

Good job, Obama, or do you prefer a celebratory Allahu Akbar?

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