Obama Is Harvesting His “New Americans” – We’ll Be Picking Up His Tab Forever


The title of the article linked on Drudgereport.com from the liberal website Fusion was “Whole families are fleeing this tiny country and entering the U.S. in massive numbers.” It describes the continuing and evolving invasion from Central America, with the focus on El Salvador.

Without intending to do so, as theirs is one of those sappy, “why can’t we do more to help articles,” they highlight the negative impacts a liberal, open borders regime has on national sovereignty. The article begins with the false premise that ” In 2014, a wave of unaccompanied kids from Central America caught the U.S. government off-guard when they flooded into Texas in record numbers, triggering what ‘president’ Obama called an “urgent humanitarian situation.”

What happened in 2014 was a direct action of an open border propaganda effort. They used a loophole constructed of children as being an excluded class from mandatory repatriation as their “humanitarian excuse.” It was one of the Obama regime’s initial pretexts for what would become an ever-expanding non-enforcement posture.

Children can’t travel internationally, particularly illegally, without adults pre-greasing the skids. Someone has to make sure the coyotes are in place, paid and that most of their human commodities are delivered in relatively good condition and on time. The mechanics of the invasion were made possible by negotiations and agreements between Central America, Mexico and Hussein Obama.

It’s a scene not unlike our own, where American families pile the kids into the loaded up car or pickup and drive off to another state that they see as their chance to make a fresh start with better opportunity. The problem is, they’re doing it with no legal right to do so. It’s a squatter migration, intended to achieve that fundamental transformation Obama warned us about.

Now the illegals of El Salvador are so confident in their ability to remain in the United States once they arrive and of their successful transition of Mexico that they are making the same decision to  relocate for a better future. We don’t have borders anymore, so why wouldn’t they? The increased levels of the numbers of family-unit occupiers is stark, up 96 percent from what it was last year. Ten Salvadoran families are apprehended, which is a surrender at the border for benefits processing, for every one Mexican family.

El Salvador is now the country which tops the list of illegals violating our border year-to-date, with 31,222 through July. They also have the distinction of being the nation with more of their citizens in our immigration system for “processing” than any other.

The claim has been made in the past by the open border Obamanistas that these are legitimate refugees fleeing violence in their homeland. But as this article highlights, the murder rate in El Salvador has dropped dramatically, by more than half in the last four months at a time when the number of illegal border crossings has increased just as dramatically.

Clearly, just as the American family making a move to their new home in the United States, crime rates are not the only consideration. They must expect to be moving to a better place and they must be expecting to be able to remain there.

It’s not as if these families are terrorists or arriving at our border in armored personnel carriers and tanks. Those are subsequent phases of our conquest. The only thing preventing the invasion from being thwarted is a lack of will by the Obama regime.

We could just tell these invaders “No, Keep Out, You’re not welcome here” and let them be Mexico’s problem a problem that would soon be eliminated on their southern border. We don’t do that, just as with the “children” before them, our CBP is being ordered to surrender to a much weaker, easily defeated invading force.

This will not be tolerated in a Donald Trump administration. Everywhere we look we’re faced with another situation that highlights why we simply must elect Donald Trump if our nation is to survive.

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