Obama Hands All Of Americas’s Most Personal Data To Criminals


Selling social security numbers and other personal information might be an easy way to pick up a little extra cash at Christmas time. Maybe using that information directly or with a conspirator to commit identity fraud or hack our accounts are realistic options, the possibilities really are endless. Now that the federal government is not going to ask about a prospective employee’s criminal background, there’s nothing to prevent criminals from accessing our information. It’s as inevitable as the crimes it will be used to commit.

Obama never met a form of lawlessness that he didn’t immediately fall head over heels in love with as a means of damaging the United States. Nullifying immigration laws were great but creating an open book out of every American’s most protected information is a criminal cornucopia. It’s the gift from Obama that will keep giving to criminals in America forever. It is what may ultimately cripple our current systems due to a lack of integrity, security and trust. It’s fitting that those are the same characteristics that spring to mind when describing Hussein Obama.

The supposed premise of this policy change is a part of his new criminal-friendly position on law enforcement. This goes well beyond, all the way to criminal enabling. Judicial Watch reported in part:

To make public-sector jobs more accessible to convicts, President Obama has issued a new order prohibiting federal agencies from asking candidates about criminal history when applying for positions. It’s part of the commander-in-chief’s mission to reduce barriers to reentry and employment for incarcerated individuals once they leave jail. The new measure, announced in a Friday media dump, will affect tens of thousands of federal government positions funded with taxpayer dollars.

Government often tries to escape fallout by burying controversial or bad news right before the weekend, but it’s difficult to keep this outrageous development below the radar. At the president’s order the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is publishing a proposed rule that would prohibit federal agencies from asking those applying for competitive service and career senior executive service positions about criminal and credit history. People with criminal records are already eligible to compete for the vast majority of federal jobs, a White House announcement states, and the proposed rule ensures that hiring managers are making selection decisions based solely on qualifications. “Early inquiries into an applicant’s criminal history may discourage motivated, well-qualified individuals who have served their time from applying for a federal job,” the announcement says, adding that “early inquiries could also lead to the disqualification of otherwise eligible candidates.”

The administration refers to criminal background checks as “barriers to employment” that “unnecessarily narrow the pool of eligible and qualified candidates for federal employment while also limiting opportunities for those with criminal histories to obtain the means to support themselves and their families.” If a candidate’s criminal record becomes known, they’re not be eliminated but rather evaluated via a “suitability determination” that considers character and conduct as well as the following factors; “relevance of any past criminal conduct to the job; the nature, seriousness, recency, and circumstances of any criminal conduct; the age of the individual at the time of the conduct; contributing societal conditions; and whether any efforts have been made toward rehabilitation.” This can easily be interpreted as a mandate to look the other way when evidence of a criminal record surfaces in the federal workforce.

Years ago the administration tried slamming the private sector with a ban on job applicant background checks by claiming that they discriminate against minority candidates. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, wasted taxpayer dollars suing companies for checking criminal histories asserting that it violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The apparent intent was to discourage other businesses from checking criminal histories out of fear of getting sued by the government, but it didn’t quite work out that way. A federal judge eventually blasted the EEOC’s claims, calling them laughable, distorted, cherry-picked, worthless and an egregious example of scientific dishonesty. Of interesting note is that the EEOC conducts criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

Even checking for large gaps in employment may not prove helpful as many Americans have gaps in their employment history due to the Obama economy. They’ve got an Obamajob, what was previously known as an unemployment check.

Full Source Article here at Judicial Watch

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