Obama Gets Out Veto Pen: Kills ObamaCare Repeal


Well, at least Congressional Republicans have it on record.  Barack Obama officially vetoed the bill that made it through both the House of Representatives and the Senate that would have repealed Obamacare AND defunded Planned Parenthood.  There was no way to get either of these goals accomplished attached to omnibus bills that were sure to be signed, which is how we in the United States end up with so much bad legislation.

In the end, when the bill did finally hit Obama’s mahogany Oval Office desk, the White House option to dismiss the bill without flourishes has been noted.  No need to bring attention to the fact that the “Affordable” Healthcare Act is so popular that multiple major health insurers are opting out of it, healthy people are opting to pay the penalty rather than ridiculously high deductibles and premiums which makes the system insolvent, or that the exchanges that the states were coerced into setting up have been failing at a record rate.  From CNN:

House Speaker Paul Ryan pledged to hold an override vote.

“It’s no surprise that someone named Obama vetoed a bill repealing Obamacare,” Ryan said in a statement.

“But here’s the thing. The idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for good is a myth. This law will collapse under its own weight, or it will be repealed. Because all those rules and procedures Senate Democrats have used to block us from doing this? That’s all history,” he added. “We have now shown that there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. So, next year, if we’re sending this bill to a Republican president, it will get signed into law.”

An override would be a formality on the same order that this bill passing both chambers of Congress was: a placemarker for congresscritters to go back to their districts and demonstrate their commitment to ridding the nation of these scourges.  An override is not nearly as likely to pass, but it at least is nice to know that Obama FINALLY was forced to actually put his signature on a veto to repeal one of the worst pieces of legislation this nation has ever seen.

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