Obama Fear Mongering Of Internet Wild Wild West In Calls For Central UN Control


As Obama prepares to hand our Internet over to his fellow UN globalist cronies, he’s making his case for normalcy in much the same way that they made the case for central banks and the UN itself. It’s the same argument that the EU made in their failed campaign of fear to prevent the UK from leaving before Brexit. Centrally controlled order, not necessarily law and order, is worth its price in freedom, they tell us. It’s not unlike the position that fascism was good in Mussolini’s Italy because the trains, some of them loaded and bound for concentration camps, ran on time.

Obama made similar arguments in China on Monday, calling for a series of international agreements to control activity on the Internet. Obama, the US government’s equivalent of a multi-national Jessie James, wants his international gang to be the one’s in control. If he leaves office with the current system intact, he leaves control of the global communication structure in the hands of the American people and his successor. That’s a lost opportunity, a fabricated crisis that he can’t allow to go to waste.

What we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the Wild, Wild West,” Obama said, depicting freedom and openness as anarchy. In constructing his false narrative, Obama ignores the fact that the system as it is has worked pretty well by most counts. There is a high level of press freedom outside of the Thought Gestapo at the anti-American monopoly of Facebook and on some occasions Twitter. Why the mad rush to trash our free speech?

Playing the role of the tough outlaw, Obama said, “Frankly, we’ve got more capacity than anybody, both offensively and defensively,” inferring that the United States would be triumphant in a cyber war. How is that supposedly an argument in favor of relinquishing control over our intellectual property to the global government fascists?

If anything, in the face of attacks or the threat of future attacks, we would want to be able to exert more influence, not less. We surely wouldn’t want to put those same government bad actors in charge of the system would we? Normal Americans wanting what’s best for our nation wouldn’t; Obama does.

After threatening that sudden cyber warfare is on the verge of breaking out everywhere and his plot to put the aggressors and his cabal in charge as the online gatekeepers, Obama said he intends to institute international norms “so that everybody’s acting responsibly.” His fellow globalists at the UN, just as they have done with Central Banks around the globe and our own IRS, will shape a regulatory system that advances their self-enrichment and power consolidation. Pillaging and nation rape is just being responsible as Obama defines things.

They already control the media in the US and globally through international news organizations such as CNN, the Associated Press and Reuters. Reuters made that fact vividly clear as they cut away as Donald Trump was being given a Bible and shawl at a black Detroit church over the weekend. They don’t yet control the Internet and that is a problem for the globalists.

Those who speak out against the UN and their aggression against the national interests of countries and their citizens will be silenced. The censorship is being tested through Facebook now and no meaningful resistance by those who are supposedly representatives of the people have been evident. Obama and the global fascists have every reason to be confident that they will be successful and that free speech will die on October first.

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