Obama Dictates Silence On Illegals And Invasions – Just Sit Down, Be Nice, Be Quiet


The expert in and chief perpetrator of divisive politics, Hussein Obama, is engaging in what may be a less-than-obvious attempt to cut the legs out from under Donald Trump. Simultaneously Obama is trying to wipe his own dirty slate clean of a year and a half of fomenting racial tension and violence. Obama admits he’s played a role in the current division, a comment not unlike Angela Merkel admitting to a recent uptick in immigration in its degree of understatement.

Those little voices in Obama’s head are talking to him again. He says he’s heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities. This “anonymous” source has also, he claims, made offensive remarks about people who don’t look like “us” which includes him. Does “us” look like a skinny black guy with big ears? Is the mysterious Mr. “X” then making fun of white folks? Obama provides more clues, saying Mr. X also makes light of folks who don’t pray like us or vote like we do. So he’s making fun of Christians and Republicans?  Mystery solved, Mr. X must be the rhetoric spewing Hussein Obama.

The next part of Obama’s seemingly pointless exercise is actually the most devious. He actually says that his fellow Soros-backed Marxists were misguided in their shutting down of Donald Trump and violating his First Amendment rights as well as those of his supporters.

He pretends that the Chicago thugs were non-violent and then identifies the response to their “peaceful innocence” as actual violence. The guy who is more to blame than any other politician, Hussein Obama, says, “While some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it.” Therein lies the most clever component of the Marxist left’s ruse; the statement that it is a shared responsibility and a mutual obligation to change the tactics. Only one side, the left, has intruded into the events of their opposition. Obama is painting both with guilt and in doing so attempts to absolve his comrades of their sins, falsely proclaiming both sides to be equally culpable.

He calls it “A cycle that is not an accurate reflection of America,” more of his “it’s not who we are” crap. The speech is not the problem, it’s a method of identifying the problems of illegal immigration and the Islamic invasion. Obama is using this message as an attempt to declare them as non-issues, topics which cannot be discussed, in the interest of political correctness and advancing the Marxist takeover agenda.

He may think the American people are ignorant, but that’s largely only applicable to the brainwashed members of his own party and many of them are starting to awaken to the damage inflicted and the failure that Democrat policies represent.

Obama says the identifying of his policies of racial exploitation against the American people has to stop. He claims to make his declaration, not because it’s a matter of political correctness, but because of concerns it will undermine our democracy, our society and our economy.  Ours is a Republic, Mr. Constitutional scholar, and while there may be some concern with Democrats being exposed as bullies and thugs, the real effort is to silence the opposition.

It’s not going to work. It has no chance. The people are angry and it’s him and his party that are recognized, along with the Republican establishment, as the villains. Obama has nowhere to hide. His empty words can’t protect him any longer.

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