Obama Conspires At UN To Push Globalism Through New Refugee Commitments


Obama is once again acting dictatorially at the UN and using that organization as a convenient mechanism with which to bypass both Congress and the American people. Naturally there is no mention of the UN in the Constitution, although George Washington did warn us of the dangers of “foreign entanglements” in his farewell address. Obama and the other globalists believe they know more and better than our founders and are the very type of government hijackers they rightly feared would destroy our nation.

The UN met on Monday and will do so again Tuesday with the goal of spreading Islamists throughout the civilized world, degrading it to a common level of mediocrity, devoid of the opportunity and freedoms that made America great. The UN is seeking commitments from member nations to accept increased numbers of “refugees” into their populations.

According to the Daily Caller, leaders of various nations agreed on Monday to adopt the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, which contains commitments to “ensure that all refugee and migrant children are receiving education within a few months of arrival.”  It also “strongly condemn[s] xenophobia against refugees and migrants and supports a global campaign to counter it.”

We can expect a very broad definition of xenophobia consistent with those of refugee and migrant and for the  global campaign to be funded in large part by the same Americans who will be targeted as an Islamic dumping ground.

Outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday, “Refugees and migrants are not to be seen as a burden; they offer great potential, if only we unlock it. We must place the human rights of all refugees and migrants at the heart of our commitments.” We’ll place the human rights of Americans at the heart of our commitments, Ban, and you and the rest of your global parasites can just shut the hell up. Why don’t you and your fascist buddies just get out of America while we’re on the subject. That’s the kind of great potential we want to unlock.

The globalists have overplayed their hands. Not every country has a subversive traitor as their leader the way America does. The president of the European Council, Donald Tush, told Ban, “You have to know that today the European Union has a clear objective to restore order on  its external borders. As a result, this will lead to the further reduction of the irregular flows to the EU. There will be no repeat of the year 2015 with more than 1 and a half million irregular migrants.” They see the writing on the wall and it spells many different forms of “exit.”

He’ll be lucky if the EU is still in existence three years down the road as referendums in France and elsewhere to leave their authoritarian cabal are gaining in popularity. There’s something about terrorism, economic ruin and cultural degradation at the hands of demanding foreign savages that turns people off.

Tusk mentioned something about working with Middle Eastern and African nation partners to resettle “refugees” elsewhere. That will surely reduce the “crisis.” As the carrot of European citizenship is taken off the table the demand for asylum will fall with it. An offer of sanctuary in Congo doesn’t compare favorably with one in Germany.

Obama is going to hold his own UN meeting on Tuesday, his “I’m so important and I can get things done” Leaders Summit on Refugees. He’ll seek the same things, more funding, higher acceptance levels and more free stuff and work opportunities. In essence, everything that he’s already stealing from Americans to give to illegals and other foreigners he wants other nations to also provide.

Obama exposed his manipulation of the system, a way around the US refugee cap, that he’s pressing others to adopt as well. If a “refugee” gains work or training visas from a business they do not count towards the cap. Therefore, he is able to displace an American worker, bypass Congress and import an additional non-white, non-Christian, non-American all at once. It doesn’t get any better than that.

At a minimum Obama is pledging for the US to import 110,000 potential terrorists as part of the globalist fundamental transformation. He trying to tie the hands of Donald Trump to honoring his illegitimate commitments. Instead, on January 20th, we need to pull out of the UN completely. Mr. Trump needs to hand them eviction papers from the city of New York as a threat to national security and invalidate their diplomatic credentials.

That organization is the snake den where all of the attacks on sovereign nations around the world originate. We can’t stop them from plotting, but we can certainly stop them from doing it in America and we can darn sure stop paying for it.

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