Obama CONCEALS His Iranian Nuclear Buy Details- What He Won’t Tell Congress About Purchase

Obama buying nuclear materials from Iran photo:gateway pundit

Obama CONCEALS Nuclear Buy Details

So much for the “most transparent administration.” Obama is concealing details of his purchase of Iranian nuclear materials.

He is not just keeping the information from the public. He is keeping it from Congress.

$8.6 million dollars is about be paid and White House officials are refusing to give specifics.

Though the purchase will likely be made using tax-payer dollars, the Obama staff is staying silent.

A Treasury Department official spoke to the Washington Free Beacon, off the record. “We cannot discuss details of the payment until after the purchase is complete.”

Convenient. They will only talk about it after nothing can be done to stop it.

What is known came from the same source. “The Department of Energy’s Isotope Program plans to pay Iran approximately $8.6 million dollars for 32 metric tons of heavy water.”

Heavy water plant

Heavy water plant                                                             photo: world nuclear news

(Heavy water is a lab-created type of water that contains higher than normal amounts of deuterium. This strengthens the water’s hydrogen-oxygen bonds and causes differences that are important to biochemical reactions.)

Oh, okay so we’re just buying materials that will bolster their nuclear research program, that’s all.

The move would also help Iran stay in compliance with Obama’s nuke deal. Go figure!

Apparently, the purchase and subsequent shipment are set to take place in “the coming weeks.”

Frustration in Congress is said to mounting as the White House continues to refuse to divulge details about the transaction.

No one on Capitol Hill has even been able to discern how the nuclear materials are being paid for. You would think that might be something that legislators need to know.

According to Fox News:

“Experts further disclosed to the Free Beacon that the exchange is likely to legitimize Iran’s research into plutonium, knowledge that would provide the Islamic Republic with a secondary pathway to a nuclear weapon capability.”

Since the President is practically funding Iran’s nuclear program through his recent deal with them, he might as well receive some of the fruits of their labor.

The $8.6 million seems a bit high, though. You would think the $150 billion they are getting from Obama would already have covered it.

I guess it’s a case of “we scratch your back, you blow up ours.”

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source: Fox News