Obama Clinton Diversity Balkanization – Dillute First, Then Divide And Conquer


On Saturday Donald Trump spoke in Houston, TX, to a rally billed as “The Remembrance Luncheon.” It honored and attempted to raise awareness of those Americans who have lost loved ones and their family members who died as victims of the hands of illegal aliens. They are people who don’t exist as far as Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are concerned. To acknowledge them would force an admission that their open borders are deadly.

As bad as they are, open borders aren’t only lethal for innocent Americans slaughtered while going about their daily lives. They will also kill this nation. That is exactly what their advocates, Obama, Johnson, Soros and Clinton want.

Donald Trump said, “Hillary Clinton is the… first person to ever run for presidency of a country effectively proposing to abolish the borders around the country that she’s supposed to be representing.”

He addressed the bankrupting lifetime of welfare and entitlements that Clinton wants to sign them all up for. It’s not because she is the second coming of Mother Teresa, but because that is what her masters, the globalists who seek the destruction of America, are telling her to support. It’s part of their plot to weaken America and bring us down through financial ruin.

The crimes against innocent Americans and the economic devastation are just part of the deal we’re told we have to accept, in the worship of diversity and to show how tolerant we are. Trump recognizes that a country without borders is no longer a country; he’s said so on many occasions. The specific nature of the threat is worth a bit more consideration.

Although the threat and the destruction is taking place nationwide, the most severe impact is at the border, or what remains of it, the point of first conflict. The globalists have a vision for America that is not unlike their vision for the European nations. In Europe, once sovereign nations are ruled from Brussels by unelected bureaucrats who are beyond the reach of and unaccountable to the people. Travel between nations is open, with people, including unvetted anonymous hordes from terrorist nations, indiscriminately migrating to and overburdening the wealthier countries.

Apply that thinking, that supported by Hillary Clinton, to the United States, a plan they fully intend to implement. Their intermediate goal is to eliminate the U.S., melding it into their North American Union. For example, a resident of Tijuana, Mexico, could, under their system, simply load the family into the Ford (now Hecho en Mexico) and move to San Diego.

Once he arrived in his new home as a “global citizen,” he might decide to go to work, probably for cash at first, then by undercutting and replacing an American. He has no identity with the new nation. As far as he’s concerned it is illegitimate, the remnants of a now-failing colonialist oppression.

His fellow globalist citizens share that view, particularly in if they’re newly relocated Mexicans as well. They still identify with and are loyal to the motherland first, waving that nation’s flag. They rationalize that since portions of this country used belonged to Mexico at some point in the past, it still does, or should. Similar situations exist for other nationalities that are no longer required to assimilate.

The Somali population in Minnesota is an example of another area of the United States that is being conquered and transformed by this treasonous Obama regime. And they bring with them the significant threat of terrorist tendencies and a history.

It is important to note that the problem for the US is not a result of a lack of character by the majority of the Mexican people and that they are not the only offenders. Central Americans and people from around the globe violate our border every day. They are seizing upon an opportunity being presented to them by a corrupt, anti-American subversive group that has hijacked our government. Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of the Soros open society madness. She would make it impossible for our nation to defend or preserve itself.

Once the bar is lowered to one of acceptance based upon the existence of a pulse rather than a desire to be an American, once one’s “citizenship” is of the UN, the chaotic free-for-all will begin in earnest. The pace and depth of the destruction will increase exponentially. Citizens of every nation will come for our jobs and our land, driving our wages and standard of living down through excessive, unfair competition. They will send our wealth back to their home countries or at a minimum prevent Americans from having it for themselves.

The economic and social fabric destruction will happen in concurrence with whatever terrorist actions they have planned to unleash upon us simultaneously. The forces for those operations are being imported by DHS and the State Department to the tune of 110,000 per year, a number Clinton wants to boost by 550%. That doesn’t take into account the number that are brought in along drug traffic corridors, through unpatrolled National Parks, in areas which our Border Agents have been ordered out of, or who happen to otherwise find their way across undetected.

In a short period of time our national identity will be gone. America will no longer exist because of the polluting flood of deadly diversity that Obama, Clinton and their fellow anti-American subversives preach as being such a benefit. It is the means through which they will attack our Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment.

Diversity represents the death of America. Tolerance is the forced acceptance of that death. Once our national identity is taken from us we will become just another spot of dirt under the globalist kingdom. They will have conquered us and the unique and great America will no longer exist. That is the vision of George Soros and Hussein Obama. It is the “promise” of Hillary Clinton.


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