Obama Finally Called A Family After A Murder- Just Not In The US

Obama calls family of murder victim photo:shoutbloger

Obama Finally Calls A Family After A Murder

President Barak Obama has, famously, said that he has a pen and a phone. That phone, however, has stayed unused at his side following multiple homicides in the United States. Perhaps it was simply broken.

Apparently, whatever was wrong with the phone has been fixed. Obama has finally used it to offer condolences to the family of a murder victim.

Was that victim Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant? Unfortunately, no. At last check, no member of her family had heard from him or any of his officials.

Obama calls family of murder victim photo:shoutbloger

Obama calls family of murder victim                       photo:shoutbloger

Could it have been the relatives of Officer Jessie Hartnett that he called? Nope. Officer Hartnett, killed in his car by an Islamic terrorist, received no recognition from the White House.

Surely then, the call was placed to those left behind when a terrorist slaughtered 4 Marines and a Navy sailor at a recruiting station. Negative. Deafening silence is what the relatives of Carson A. Holmquist, Randall Smith, Thomas J. Sullivan, Squire K. “Skip” Wells, and David A. Wyatt have been met with.

He had to have called one of the families of the more than 40 police officers who have lost their lives in 2016, then, right? Wrong. The rash of law enforcement losses has not been deigned worthy of a response by the President.

The phone call was placed to the husband of the recently slain, British Labour MP Jo Cox. Cox was shot and stabbed to death last Thursday. She worked on Obama’s 2008 campaign team prior to becoming MP.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is wonderful that he took the time to offer condolences to her family on behalf of the American people. I am just wondering where those same sentiments were when citizens of the nation of which he is, currently, the leader died at the hands of Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants.

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source: Fox News