Obama Breaks Law, Spends Money To Prepare For Gitmo Prisoners Inside US


His very occupation of the White House is an illustration of the fact that Congress will not hold the rogue executive branch accountable under the laws of the United States of America. The destruction of our borders and immigration system by Obama henchman, Jihadi Jeh Johnson, and the endless stream of treasonous crimes by Hillary Clinton are proof there is no accountability within this lawless dictatorial regime.

We all know Obama sees himself as the imperial ruler over America, above both the co-equally corrupt Legislative and Judicial branches and endowed with the powers to rule by decree, not subject to the laws of the land. He’s trampled on the Constitution, invalidating laws written by the now subordinate Congress, and nullified immigration law simply because it didn’t suit his desires.

Knowing the gutless jellyfish that occupy our Congress would do nothing to stop the first half-white ‘president’ for fear of being called racists or alienating their fat cat fascist sponsors, he does as he damn well pleases.  He really wants to release his terrorist comrades from Gitmo and close it so we won’t be able to effectively interrogate future detainees. Obama’s been butting heads with Congress until lately, when he just started releasing them, putting the interests of terrorists above those of America. There’s certainly nothing unusual with that approach.

We now learn that, despite it being a violation of the law to do so, Hussein Obama instructed the Department of Defense to use taxpayer money to fund an official inspection in several American cities as potential future sites  to which the Gitmo detainees could be relocated.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that because those sites were inside the United States, those actions were in direct violation of laws written specifically to prevent Obama from doing so. It is illegal for them to spend taxpayer money in the pursuit of or preparation for a movement of Gitmo prisoners onto American soil.

Will Congress actually arrest the arrogant self-declared dictator for his crimes? We all know better. They might make a speech during a meeting of a related committee or pound a chest or two in a television interview, but nothing else will happen. Above the law, when it comes to the corrupt DC politicians, means exactly what it says. Congress has initiated an inquiry to determine who within the regime gave the order, they have to pretend they’re relevant, a very difficult sale to make.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt found documentation of expenditures of over $25,000 to shop sites in Kansas, South Carolina and Colorado. The Pentagon acknowledged the expenditures only after Schmidt threatened to sue the administration for withholding information.

He notified Congress in a letter stating, “While the amount of money is relatively small—a total of$25,909.53, of which $7,687.20 was spent on the site survey for Fort Leavenworth—the admission raises the concern that the Department of Defense violated the law by knowingly expending these funds while federal law enacted by Congress expressly prohibited the agency from doing so.”

Missing the point just a bit, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) said, “Americans, and particularly Kansans, understand that President Obama’s desire to bring hardened terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the U.S. would make our country less safe.  In completing these site surveys, the Department of Defense followed neither the letter, nor the spirit of American law. I am proud to stand with my colleagues in condemning this illegal action and encouraging all states to pursue appropriate legal action.” They didn’t just not follow, Rep Pompeo, they deliberately broke the law.

Pompeo, along with fellow Kansas Republican Reps. Lynn Jenkins and Kevin Yoder, are demanding the Pentagon explain its intentions and why it violated U.S. law in its effort to bring Gitmo inmates to America.

Why doesn’t somebody with the authority in these matters actually start arresting the criminals in the administration who committed the illegal acts?  As long as there are no consequences Congress and the American people will continue to have our noses rubbed in it. Give them a little change, Congress.

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