Obama, Bloomberg, Soros & Globalist Cabal Target ND For Huge “Refugee” Invasion


The folks around Fargo, ND, are a lot like Americans everywhere. They don’t want to see their neighborhood, city or country turned into a clone of Somalia, Pakistan or Afghanistan. They don’t want to have the “call to prayer” five times a day like they were living in some kind of crappy George Clooney movie and they don’t want to be forced to make accommodations to pushy, non-assimilating, foreigners intent on changing America into something they don’t recognize. They like the US as the US.

Although almost 60% of Fargo residents indicated in a recent survey that they oppose “refugee” or terrorist intern relocation to their communities, the globalists have targeted their city for invasion anyway. The first step is the propaganda campaign, being waged jointly by the anti-American Marxist movement and the anti-American elements of the federal government under communist Hussein Obama. Make no mistake, when it’s gotten to the point that the anchor details, the decision has already been made. The hordes are coming.

The mechanism for this specific phase of the takeover is called “The Partnership for a New American Economy.” The description is accurate, as Marixism is new to us, relatively speaking, as is total economic collapse. This organization is working to deliver both. They choose Orwellian language to announce the targeting of Fargo, describing it as winning a grant based upon their supposed “welcoming attitude towards immigrants and ‘new Americans.’” Maybe that’s the welcoming attitude of the 28% who support the invasion, not the majority in opposition that they are referencing.

The news anchor, Chris Berg of KXJB in Fargo, ND, names off some of the leadership, a who’s who of liberal anti-Americanism. The names include anti-Second Amendment authoritarian Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Julian Castro and Bob Iger of Disney. The local Grand Forks mayor is busted in the process as the local representative pushing illegals and foreign imports into the community in exchange for undisclosed benefits. They have another, notorious and despicable anti-American as a partner as well, the globalist agitator who purchases dissent around the nation and works incessantly for our destruction, George Soros.

Berg recognizes and warns against a propaganda blitz that is being initiated in conjunction with the supposed grant award. Right on cue, by design and with coordination, “Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota” is hosting their second “Building Bridges” conference. It’s titled, “New Americans, Building Bridges 2016,” with a theme of “Hope Renewed, A Chance To Thrive.”

How about calling it what it is, an invasion of America to degrade and destroy our nation by diluting it with non-assimilating, divisive dependents under a guise of touchy-feely sickening-sweet liberal labeling? Larry Bartlett, the Director of Refugee Admissions for the US State Department will be opening the conference with his regime sales pitch for the invasion. His talk will be titled, “How Do We Build Bridges,” followed by the Lutheran subversive and CEO Jessica Thomason and a panel of leaders from several cities meeting to discuss the role they hope North Dakota will play in their takeover of the United States.

The topic of their panel is another stomach-turning phony sugar-coated mislabeled gathering called “Changing Demographics  – Diversity A New Normal.” They hope to make it a new normal, and to get rich in the process. The Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service is one of the contractors across the US that uses a religious association to shroud their anti-American profiteering, making roughly $4,755 of US taxpayer money for every “refugee” they plant  on American soil.

The anchor closes out the segment with a warning to the viewers to be aware of what these big open borders corporations and the regime are attempting to do to the United States. The concern is evident in his voice, although he chooses his words carefully. He clearly knows what they’re up to and he hopes the citizens will rise up in opposition, both on a local level and nationally.

We certainly need to.

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