Obama Blames, Taunts Congress To Divert Attention From His Stealth Attacks


For those Americans who aren’t paying attention and are only interested in getting a government check and a low standard of living with no future beyond slavery and oppression, your Democrat pretend president has a message for you.

As bad as things are and as totally screwed up as America is under his dictatorship, things could actually be worse and he wants your help to force Congress to do the unimaginable, actually do less to stop him and become more subservient to what is supposedly an equal branch of government.

Obama admits that he’s had a common theme throughout the entirety of his illegitimate occupation of our White House, attacking America by attacking Congress. Even the inept, compromised, bought and paid for Congress that currently is allowing him to trample the Constitution is not submissive enough, according to Obama.

George Soros has invested a lot of money in politician rental and purchases and investors do so in anticipation of a return. Obama wants to see to it that his owner is made happy, so it’s time for Congress to fall in line and accept the Soros/Obama demands.

In addition to things he wants there are some things that he wants ignored. At the top of that list is the giveaway of our Internet to the UN thugs. They’ve put Canadian fraud Ted Cruz in charge of tying that one up with show-legislation and hearings, wasting enough time until it’s too late for the rest of his worthless, anti-American colleagues to do anything but wring their hands.

He runs down a short list of what Mr. Soros demands, including the other jewel besides the Internet, the TPP. Soros and his fellow globalists will control America through this pretend trade agreement that is a monopolistic international power grab.

Our sovereignty will be gone, our Constitution subordinated to world government and the invasion unstoppable. And with them having control over our Freedom of Speech and Assembly through Internet censorship, it will be much harder to organize against them.

The takeover is happening and Obama is actually right about one thing. It’s Congress’ fault. They could have stopped all of this long ago if they weren’t just as corrupt and just as purchased as the usurper in the White House.


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